Gaimin Gladiators were crowned champions of the Lima Major 2023 and pocketed $200,000

Gaimin Gladiators were crowned champions of the Lima Major 2023 and pocketed $200,000

Gaimin Gladiators were crowned Lima Major 2023 champions and pocketed $200,000. | Infobase.

After a tough week of competition, Gaimin Gladiators came out champion Lima Major 2023 beating with great superiority team liquida team that arrived in Peru as favourites, but ultimately couldn’t win the crown.

GG took the bo5, in which it was enough to face each other three times to find out which team was the best. The Peruvian public have supported them at all times, especially midlaner Quinn, who is loved by the Peruvian dotera community.

Unlike the other days, Arena 1 looked completely full, there was not a single empty space, because the followers of this electronic sport wanted to see the first champion of the Lima Major 2023.

In the first game they played, Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid had a tough showdown, as the match lasted 45 minutes, during which neither of them wanted to give up the first game.

However, after several minutes of back and forth, during which no one gave up, GG showed his best game and took advantage of his opponent’s mistakes to take advantage and thus win.

On the other hand, the second match was not level, because Gaimin Gladiators completely dominated, to the point that team liquid he retired after just 21 minutes of play.

Game 3 was also hard fought from start to finish, but nothing could stop GG, imposing their game completely and easily by winning all three games.

The Peruvian public was not left out either and celebrated with the new champions. They praised the public for their support throughout the Lima Major.

Gaimin Gladiatos at the Lima Major final.
Gaimin Gladiatos at the Lima Major final.

Gaimin Gladiators I arrive at the Lima Major after placing second in the Western Europe DPC. The team consisting of Dyrachyo, Quinn, Ace, Tofu and Seleri, was only surpassed that season by team liquid.

In the group stage, GG led the group stage, they came in first place after beating almost every team, they were only passed by evil geniuseswho ended up in the top 6 of the tournament.

However, no one else was a match for them in this international tournament, and that was that despite the fact that team liquid He hails from the same region, a last-minute defeat for his team brought them down.

Now that the Gaimin Gladiators are champions, they’ve earned a total of $200,000 plus 400 DPC points, which will help them qualify directly for this year’s The International.

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