Deputy María del Carmen Alva spoke about the protests in Peru. (Andean)

Since the departure of the former president Pedro Castillo In December 2022 – due to the coup he suffered without any support – at least six Latin American leaders expressed their support for the Castillo administration.

They are Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Mexico), Luis Arce (Bolivia), Gustavo Petro (Colombia), Gabriel Boric (Chile), Xiomara Castro (Honduras) and Alberto Fernandez (Argentina).

This group also rejected the government of To Boluarteon more than one occasion, despite the fact that the current dignitary entered the executive as vice-president of the republic and, therefore, her promotion to the post was constitutional.

The aforementioned Heads of State also referred to the Peruvian political crisis -produced by the various demonstrations at the national level which resulted in a death toll of 60- being the most constant in his statements the Mexican President Lopez Obrador.

Their actions, however, do not have the support of the main institutions of their countries, according to the head of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee, Maria del Carmen Alva.

The deputy (popular action) held at GlobeLiveMedia you received calls and other communications, on various occasions, from foreign agents who have expressed discomfort with comments from their presidential leaders.

“I don’t think they (move forward in their speech). They call me deputies, senators from Mexico, from Chile, from Colombia, because of this situation, and everyone is outraged by what their presidents are doing,” he said.

The former head of the Legislative Assembly also claimed that these dignitaries are taking advantage of the complex situation in Peru “to make a smoke screen and, possibly, distracting attention from all the problems they have in their countries”.

“(Public officials abroad) do not accept this type of attitude, they tell me that they do not represent them. They They fear that they will affect bilateral relations with PeruAlthough it is clear that this will not happen. We have Peruvian companies in all these countries and they have companies in their country in Peru. Business relations will continue,” he said.

Finally, the accipopulista referred to the last qualifiers of AMLO A boluarte (“false”) and recalled that it “is not a problem of the Mexican or Colombian people, among others, but a problem of the presidents that they currently have and who are acting really badly”.

People in these countries are very upset with the performance of their presidents, so I can say. They reported it to me and their comments reached me. They are the ones (the presidents) who are doing very badly,” he said.

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