Fires in Córdoba

Fires in Córdoba: there are already two dead and residents evacuated

Concern about the fires is growing in the north of Córdoba, where there are already more than 16,000 hectares burned. Hundreds of firefighters are working to put out the flames, but the weather is not helping. In this note, videos from the center of the conflict.

More than three hundred firefighters are working to put out the fires that have been affecting the north of the province of Córdoba for days . At least two deaths have already been registered and there are more than 16,000 hectares affected by the flames, while some videos showing the magnitude of the problem are viralized by the networks. 

Helicopter engines and seven hydrant aircraft can also be heard in the area. Since Friday the situation has become alarming, with evacuees and material losses. Tulumba and Sobremonte are two of the most affected localities, and there could be several more if, as is feared, considerable winds begin to blow. 

This type of fire is usually caused by human intervention, with fires that get out of control or bonfires armed in an irresponsible way. In this case, however, the version of some witnesses who claim to have witnessed several lightning strikes during a recent storm is also considered. 

The operations are in charge of the Provincial Fire Management and Civil Protection Plan of Córdoba . And the vegetation still dry despite spring contributes to the distribution of the foci. The main objective, therefore, is that the fire does not reach the most populated areas. 

The forecast of the meteorologists  is far from reassuring: for the next few hours winds that could reach 50 km / h and temperatures that will be around 25 degrees are expected. 

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