Felipe Saruma reveals Andrea Valdiri’s favorite dance: “It drives me crazy”. Photo: Instagram @andreavaldirisos

Andrea Valdiri He gained great recognition in the country mainly for his talent for dancing. Beyond his sentimental polemics or his title of Lady Colombia 2015-2016; The Barranquilla woman has become popular on social networks by posting videos in which we see her dancing different musical genres: champeta, salsa, urban, among others.

Now, among all her dancing skills: does her husband Felipe Saruma Do you have a genre or rhythm that you most like to see her dance to? Well, apparently the answer is yes.

During the recent días, La Valdiri registró desde sus Historias de Instagram al creador de content hablando sobre el tema, de este modo, se le escucha al bumangués decir en primer lugar: “A mí me gusta cuando tú bailas reguetón, champeta, eso es GOOD; but it’s that when you dance that Brazilian, oops! He drives me crazy.”

Immediately, he briefly mimicked some of the moves his sentimental partner does while moving to Brazilian beats and ended up biting his lip as he seemingly recalled the scene.

Here is the video shared by Andrea Valdiri in her Instagram stories:

Felipe Saruma Reveals Andrea Valdiri’s Favorite Dance: ‘It Drives Me Crazy’

The content creator’s modeling and dancing talent has led her to star in music videos, mostly reggaeton. One of the most recent was the music video for ‘Quién TV’, which BLESSD released in 2021.

However, previously he was also seen appearing – albeit with a more brief participation – in the music video for ‘Ya No Tiene Novio’, a collaboration between Venezuelan duo Mau y Ricky and Colombian Sebastián Yatra.

From adolescence, the Barranquilla woman began to get into modeling, in fact, in April 2021 she shared some images of her first cover in a newspaper, without going into detail about the name of the medium, to from the moment she paraded for Colombiamoda. “2008: I was 17 on the catwalks of Colombiamoda, my first cover in the newspaper”, he writes on this subject.

Currently, Andrea Valdiri focuses on her facet as a dancer, businesswoman and content creator. If we talk about her popularity on social networks like Instagram, she now has more than eight million followers.

Andrea Valdiri and her first newspaper cover when she was a model.  Photo: Instagram @andreavaldirisos
Andrea Valdiri and her first newspaper cover when she was a model. Photo: Instagram @andreavaldirisos

Por medio de sus social redes Andrea Valdiri maintains in frequent contact with sus seguidores para compartir con ellos no solo todo lo relacionado con sus labores como bailarina y creadora de content, sino también detalles de su cotidianidad junto a su esposo, Felipe Saruma, sus hijas and his mother, Carmen Valdiri.

In this sense, in recent days the woman from Barranquilla had shown her mother in a wheelchair, but without going into the details of what had happened to her… until now. On February 8, he showed himself from his Instagram stories taking a walk with his youngest daughter Adhara – who he was carrying in his car – while Carmen Valdiri was in her wheelchair.

Afterwards, on her way home, the influencer recorded the moment one of her employees started helping her mother into the house, and at that moment she explained, “My mother tore her achilles tendon i.e. he has no tendon she was walking and pa!it exploded now that he has been in a wheelchair for about five months it It’s his turn. It’s a show every day to be able to release it and put it online”.

Here’s what the Barranquilla dancer shared from her social media:

Andrea Valdiri revealed the reason why her mother is in a wheelchair

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