With the slightest advantage of a goal, FAS took victory against LA Firpo in the match played on El Salvador Date 8 – Closing Tournament 2023. The local scored the only goal of the match after 16 minutes of play in second half, thanks to Wilma Torres. After taking the ball on the left, the midfielder finished the goal in his own half and beat the goalkeeper with a fantastic goal to remember.

The party figure was Wilma Torres. The FAS midfielder scored 1 goal.

Rubén Marroquín was also relevant. The FAS defender was important.

The meeting had warned several: Guillermo Stradella, Nelson Rodríguez, Octavio Zambrano, Juan Camilo Salazar and Roberto Domínguez.

FAS strategist Manuel Zambrano Viera stopped the starting XI with a 4-4-2 formation with Kevin Carabantes in goal; Ibsen Castro, Rudy Clavel, Roberto Domínguez and Andrés Alberto Flores on the defensive line; José Portillo, Guillermo Stradella, Juan Camilo Salazar and Wilma Torres in the middle; and Kevin Reyes and Rolando Blackburn in attack.

For their part, the elected officials of Guillermo Rivera entered the field with a 4-4-2 scheme with Wilberth Hernández under the three sticks; Eduardo Vigil, Alexis Maravilla, Nelson Rodríguez and Cristian Cisneros in defence; Heiner Caicedo, Enrique Contreras, Felipe Brito and Jefferson Polío in midfield; and Diego Flores and Styven Vásquez up front.

The judge chosen to conduct the match at the Óscar Alberto Quiteño stadium was Germán Martínez Miranda.

For the following date, FAS will play at home against Alianza and LA Firpo will host CD Dragón.

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