Excavations are underway in Paraguay for the remains of Cristian Shaerer, abducted in Corrientes on September 21, 2003

Paraguayan justice has begun the search for the remains of Argentine student Cristian Schaerer, kidnapped in 2003 in Corrientes and for which case two oral trials were held with 12 convicts, after a witness indicated that the victim could be buried in a field in the city of Itapuá, in that country.

He current federal tax Flavio Ferriniresponsible for the investigation of the case in Argentina, explained that he had learned that the Paraguayan justice had opened a criminal case within its jurisdiction and underlined: “They are working from a Paraguayan court after a person provided information on the possible existence of a body buried in a place and that it could be Cristian”.

And in this sense, the official clarified that the tasks are carried out with his knowledge, in contact with the Paraguayan authorities regarding the procedures and a possible result.

The research procedure as reported telam, It is made in the rural lands of a company called “Desgraciakue” in San Pedro de Paranáin the Paraguayan department of Itapuá, where even the father of the missing young man, the former Minister of Health of the province of Corrientes, has arrived, Jean-Pierre Schaerer.

The indicated site is two kilometers from a road that connects the town of San Pedro de Paraná to La Paz, where the excavations are in progress, specified judicial sources.

A third trial is scheduled for the case to try Rodolfo "Russian" Lohrmann and Jose
A third trial is scheduled in the case to judge Rodolfo “Ruso” Lohrmann and José “Potrillo” Maidana, alleged leaders of the gang who kidnapped the young man.

It must be remembered that Cristian Schaerer was kidnapped outside the door of his home in the Las Tejas neighborhood of Corrientes on September 21, 2003.They pointed their guns and their fists at him and took him away in a Fiat Duna. From there he was transferred to various parts of the region, including Brazil and supposedly Paraguay, and received a ransom of over $277,000 despite never delivering it.

According to the investigation, Schaerer was transferred to an area near the Paso de los Libres and then to Uruguayana, Brazil, where he was hidden and remained captive from October 22 and for a period of approximately 15 days.

La última prueba de vida en el caso Schaerer dated back to November 2003, when antes de ser pagado el rescate, los familiares recibieron un escrito de Cristian en el que respondió a una serie de preguntas que, según los parientes, “sólo él podía respond”.

According to Cristian’s mother, Pompeii Gomez, all the witnesses agree that the last person who took him away is Rodolfo “Ruso” Lohrmann, who would know where he is.

Currently, the Argentine state has a reward of 3,000,000 pesos for accurate information about the fate of the young man.

According to what investigators managed to establish, after Schaerer’s capture, the kidnappers collected a ransom of 277,300 dollars, although they never released him. Two oral trials were held for the incident and 12 people were convicted.

Between the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007, the Federal Oral Court of Corrientes sentenced the lawyer to 25 years in prison. Pedro Angel Barbieri and Néstor Horacio Barczukand 8 years in prison for Judith Alvarenga.

On August 28, 2009, in a second trial, he was sentenced to Raúl “Poodle” Salgán and Cristian Carro Córdoba 25 years in prison; to Gonzalo Adrian Acostaat age 16, and Claudio Cornelli Belen, at 12; while five other members of the gang were acquitted, although later convicted by the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation.

A third trial should judge Lohrmann and Jose “Potrillo” Maidanaalleged leaders of the gang that kidnapped Schaerer, who are currently in prison in Portugal serving time for robbery.

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