CCTV footage showed a koala exploring a petrol station in a village in Woodside, east Adelaide, before getting behind the counter and jumping on a staff member’s leg. (Reuters)

And koala adventurous and overly curious spirit explored a petrol station in South Australia for over 40 minutes, workers at the venue were surprised after capturing the furry mammal twirling between the shelves of the self-service store. The event was successfully registered thanks to local security cameraswhich made the news a sensation in this part of the world.

CCTV cameras captured the moment the marsupial entered outside the door of the store in the village of Woodside. The first thing he did was walk through the fridge area and later he “tried” to pour himself a coffee but when he realized he would rather hug one cashiers, he decided to abandon the mission.

Shortly after entering the place, he arrived with one of the workers and it went up his left legIn a desperate attempt to get rid of it, he shook his leg, but the koala’s strength was so great that he didn’t move an inch.

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The marsupial explored the store for about 40 minutes before being rescued (Screenshot)

The worker who had the marsupial hanging from his leg asked his colleague to please remove it from him, but instead of helping him decided it was too funny a moment, so he started recording with his phone, while letting out a few laughs.

“I don’t know how to take it off,” the man commented while taping the event. In other images captured by the smart phoneshe koala was sitting on the groundthe man with the camera commented that he was the gas station’s “newest employee”.

According to information from the press agency Reuters, the mammal was about 40 minutes at the station, before wildlife authorities arrived on the scene to secure the animal. “In the meantime, he has taken good care of himself,” security personnel told the agency.

The wildlife department member added that This is the first case he knows of a koala entering a gas stationit is therefore a rather curious animal.

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The first footage captured by security cameras was of the koala entering the store (Screenshot)
The first footage captured by security cameras was of the koala entering the store (Screenshot)

The site worker identified as Nick Smith, commented in an interview for the TV program The project australian channel 10 Playthat he and his partner They didn’t know what to do after the koala entered through the front door. “Suddenly he came over to the sideboard and jumped on my legs,” she said.

James Paparella, the other gas station employee, said he was a bit panicked. After the rescue of the marsupial, James and Nick decided to create an employee card for the animal.because it will be an event they will never forget.

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The koala stayed in the area where the coffee is served in the service shop for a while (Screenshot)
The koala stayed in the area where the coffee is served in the service shop for a while (Screenshot)

This country is recognized worldwide for the biodiversity it has in its territory, this animal is emblematic in the country, however, it was not until February 11, 2022 that it was cataloged as a vulnerable speciesaccording to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Diseases, forest fires and habitat loss have caused the population of this marsupial to drop dramatically.

According to Madrid Zoo-AquariumSpain, these animals they like to live aloneand although they seem harmless, they have a very hostile character in case they feel that an intruder wants to “share” their tree.

“Estos mamíferos rechonchos son animaux nocturnos, duermen por el día y se alimentan de las hojas de eucalipto sobre todo por la noche”, explained the administración del zoológico español in the technical sheet of the animal, por lo que sorprende que esta actividad se haya registrado in the afternoon.

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