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Torreira’s future is still being decided. On January 13, this newspaper revealed how the situation was. The Uruguayan midfielder is not entering Simeone’s plans regularly and does not stop receiving proposals. Torreira agreed to go out on loan to Atlético with the illusion of having minutes, but at the moment he does not have them and cannot turn a deaf ear to calls from various clubs. Atlético would prefer to keep him at all costs, but Arsenal intends to analyze their situation in detail. This is what Edu Gaspar, Arsenal’s sports director, tells this newspaper.

“The situation is very simple. Arsenal is concerned about Torreira, his happiness, that he plays and that he is well. We want to know about him how he feels and, later, of course, know what Atlético thinks. For us, Lucas and his happiness is what more important. If everyone is happy, we will continue like this, if Lucas is not well, we will seek a change because there are many teams that are calling me to ask about the player’s situation “, Edu Gaspar, Arsenal sports director, explains openly to As. This newspaper revealed that one of the calls that the English club leader has received was from Valencia. Miguel Ángel Corona, his sports director, got in touch with his counterpart at Arsenal. The club that already has the approval of the player and is the option that they like the most. However, Torreira has also received proposals from Lazio, Fiorentina and Torino.

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Valencia has its OK and fits into the economic and sporting situation.

Torreira fits into the sporting and economic situation of Valencia. The economic viability for the effort has already been studied and it is a position that the team needs to reinforce at all costs. Arsenal are concerned because the Uruguayan left the team on the condition of growing playing and he is not doing so. Atlético, meanwhile, will not make it easy. Despite the fact that the system that Simeone is using makes it not so a priority to have one more pivot in the squad, what makes us think very much about letting a player go is, above all, the pandemic. The clubs are looking closely at the strength of their squads, especially those immersed in various competitions, because an outbreak or several positive cases of COVID can make the coach tremble and leave him without options at the least desired moment.

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