Economic advisers who participate in the REM have corrected their inflation forecasts upwards. EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

Economic analysts who participate in the Market Expectations Survey (MER) published by the Central Bank expect inflation to reach 99.9% for the year 2023, which implies a rise of 2.3 points in percentage (pp) compared to the Same survey of the previous month.

For February inflation, which will be officially announced on March 14, the consultants expect an increase of 6.1%, higher than the 5.5% which had led to the REM in January.

They also raised their forecast for March, the month in which they expect inflation to be 6.3%, three tenths above the previous survey. Between April and August, the REM also made a slight upward correction, with values ​​ranging between 5.6% and 5.9% per month.


The upward corrections to inflation forecasts have been extended to the next two years. According to the report, “the inflation forecast for 2024 and 2025 has been raised to 81.7% yoy (+2.1pp from the previous REM) and 53.8% yoy respectively (+3, 5 pp compared to the previous REM)”.

The inflation forecast for the next 12 months was also raised by 5pp from the previous month and stood at 103.5% YoY Meanwhile, the inflation forecast for the next 24 months fell at 73.1% in ga (-1.3 pp compared to the previous REM).


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