Dina Boluarte arrived in Tumbes to see the situation in the country in the presence of Cyclone Yaku.

As part of her duties, the President To Boluarte went this morning to the region of fallen down to get a closer look at the devastation that Cyclone Yaku leaves behind after crossing the Peruvian coast. The dignitary promised to help the affected regions in the north of the country with humanitarian aid, but especially with heavy machinery to remove the rubble.

As is known, there are thousands of other people who lost homes, crops, properties and more after the main rivers in northern Peru overflowed. Only in cash, thousands of people have lost their homes by remaining on the streets.

The president traveled accompanied by the heads of the Ministry of Defense (Mindef), Jorge Chávez; Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), Nelly Paredes; Ministry of the Environment (Minam), Albina Ruiz; and from the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), Julio Demartini.

Together with the aforementioned delegation of members of the executive power, Boluarte Zegarra will then travel to the regions of Piura, Lambayeque and La Libertad to verify that aid arrives as soon as possible.

“President In Boluarte, Together with the heads of Mindef, Midagri, Minam and Midis, they are going to the Tumbes region to inspect and respond to the emergency due to the heavy rains in the north of the country,” the Peruvian presidency reported on its official Twitter account. .

Intense rains in Trujillo flood the area around the National University of Trujillo

More than a hundred houses, cultivated areas and cattle heads of the old hamlets of Petroleros, Triunfo, Nuevo Horizonte and San Lucas, located near the Iquitos-Nauta highway, were flooded by the overflow of the Tocón streams , Pintuyacu and Lindero.

According to information from the Andina press agency, members of the National Police They evacuated people who asked for help to recover their belongings and their pets.

Some businesses such as grocery stores and food stalls were affected by the flooding. Fortunately, no human injuries were reported as a result of this event.

discover.  Check the SENAMHI weather forecast before leaving.  (Andean)
discover. Check the SENAMHI weather forecast before leaving your home. (Andean)

In the case of cashin the early hours of the morning, the Sechín River overflowed, causing the loss of more than a thousand families.

Regional Center for Emergency Operations (COER), published this terrible news which leaves thousands of inhabitants on the street.

Casma authorities arrived at the site with representatives of the company building the Sechín Bridge, to provide heavy machinery and tons of sand to create a groove in part of the Panamericana Norte and transport, d ‘other hand, the waters that keep falling from the ravines

After the cyclone, people may be exposed to disease and other risks if they do not have access to basic supplies such as drinking water.
After the cyclone, people may be exposed to disease and other risks if they do not have access to basic supplies such as drinking water.

Guillermo BaigorriaPresident of Senamhi, indicated that the volume of rain in Lima will be 5 millimeters, that is, 5 liters of water will accumulate per square meter.

“The cyclone is a low circulation that has a circular movement of the winds and in this case, since it is not organized, in the upper part of the atmosphere it also does not have any other component. So, it is not a hurricane, the winds do not reach these speeds, but the hurricane has an up and down motion, so it makes it organized and the speeds are much higher“, he underlined during a press conference.

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