Rains in Lima: Ripley places sandbags for fear of flooding in Miraflores

Ripley from the Miraflores districtlocated on Shell Street, decided to place sand bags yellow around the front door so that water does not enter. This after the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (senamhi) warn of the presence of this meteorological phenomenon by the Cyclone Yaku.

The fact has generated some questions against the company, since the district of Miraflores is not among those who would be harmed. Through social networks, several Internet users have shared photos of the department store.

However, the bags are around the entrance, but the main door remains uncovered. Senamhi mentioned the intensity of the rains on Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16.

Miraflores is not under alarm for the torrential rains.  Picture: Facebook
Miraflores is not under alarm for the torrential rains. Picture: Facebook

Internet users on social networks questioned this preventive measure, because the same actions would not have been taken elsewhere.

“I don’t quite understand why Ripley’s stores in Miraflores put sandbags against the rain. One thing is prevention and another is common sense and above all (…) be well informed. This is Peru,” one user wrote.

“Tell me you’re a ridiculous, overdone Lima, don’t tell me you’re a ridiculous, overdone Lima… (photo of Ripley Schell’s headquarters in Miraflores),” another chimed in.

“Ripley Miraflores is at street level, even its exit onto Schell Street is below street level. If it rains until it generates large puddles in the street, its water could enter the premises. Also, is it Ripley’s money because it affects them?” another user said.

Users react to sandbags placed by Ripley
Users react to sandbags placed by Ripley

On the other hand, the situation of another shopping center was critical, such as that of Open Plaza, located in Piura. The hardest hit store was Sodimac, but others were not immune to damage from the torrential rains.



The Augustinian


La Molina



Olive trees




Stone Bridge


San Juan de Lurigancho

San Juan de Miraflores

Saint Anita

El Salvador Villa

Villa Maria del Triunfo

While in Callao, possible rains were reported in the districts of Callao, Carmen de la Legua Reynoso, Mi Perú and Ventanilla.

There are at least 30 homes and families affected by Comas, due to the rains.
There are at least 30 homes and families affected by Comas, due to the rains.

Also, this morning the increase in the flow of the Chillón River was reported, which is why it has alarmed the citizens who live around it. In this way, they were asked to withdraw from their homes and go to areas of refuge so that they could spend the night there.

Yesterday, March 12, it was also known that the Huaycoloro ravine was activated, according to information from COEN. Also, heavy machinery is in place due to the possibility of an overflow.

In addition, the residents of Chosica had to carry out cleaning works in their homes and surrounding areas to prevent water from entering the buildings. Additionally, sandbags were placed to stop the landmasses.

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