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Footballer Dani Alves He insisted on Monday that he is innocent and that he did not sexually assault a 23-year-old girl on December 30 in a private bathroom at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. Alves, who asked to testify before the judge hearing the case and who ordered his committal, tried to give a definitive version of what happened that night, noting that the relationships they had ” were consented”. His defense will present a memorandum of allegations on Tuesday to request his release.

Two hours later than the scheduled time, Alves appeared in court after being transferred from Brians II prison, where he has been held since late January. His statement lasted only 30 minutes. In it, Alves made it clear that he is a “respectful” person with women and that he had relations with the young woman because he perceived her predisposition.

Alves reiterated that he came to the premises with his friend Bruno, and that the nightclub managers placed them at table 6 in the reserved area. There they met the plaintiff and two friends, with whom they talked and danced. Sensing that there was chemistry between them, the player offered to go somewhere more private. She accepted and they decided to go to the bathroom. There they made love, “in a free and voluntary act.” Alves said that at no time did she ask him to stop.

The player gave details. He insisted that the young woman have free access to the private bathroom after having previously agreed between them, he entered first and then her. No pressure or threats. Inside the restroom, sex was “consented to by both” and the two agreed that he would return to the reserved room first and then she would do so a few minutes later so as not to arouse the suspicions.

After leaving the bathroom, Alves went to his table, had a drink and approached a group of Mexican friends (Alves plays for the Pumas of Mexico) without the young woman or her companions scolding him or doing anything ugly about what happened. Alves’ defense tried to validate his remarks with the footage of the nightclub recordings, which “contradicts the description made by the plaintiff”.

Alves insisted that sex was agreed between the two

The problem for Alves is that the multiple versions he has given these months are undermining his credibility. At first, in a video he recorded after what happened, he assured that he did not know the young woman who had denounced him and that she was surely accusing him of taking advantage of his fame. He said what he said to try to save his marriage to his wife, Joana Sanz (who filed for divorce). “I still love her,” he said.

Later, once the legal process had already begun, Alves explained in front of the judge that he was the one who entered the bathroom in the first place, as the nightclub’s cameras show. Once inside the bathroom, Alves explained that nothing happened and the alleged victim stayed by his side while he relieved himself.

Then there was a third statement. Alves then admitted that the plaintiff performed oral sex on her while sitting on the toilet. But the semen samples taken by the police from the victim’s body, matching the Brazilian’s DNA, led the footballer to give a fourth explanation for what happened: there was “vaginal penetration”, even if at all times it was consensual sex.

This Monday, he confirmed that the young woman had performed oral sex on him then sat with her back to him and that they had sex without a condom. Regarding the grounds for the complaint, he assures that it is possible that the young girl felt offended because he “he was neither attentive nor affectionate” after they met and left the club without saying goodbye. The images show that at that time, when he left the scene, the young woman was already talking to some executives of the club, denouncing the attack.

Bruno BrazilAlves’ friend who was at the disco that night, tried to consolidate the version of the former FC Barcelona player: “Dani spoke with everyone, like me, but no longer with her (the complainant ), who approached him, at times dancing and rubbing against each other, catching his attention,” he said a few days ago.

“At one point, I see that they go to the toilet separately; they go in and out separately and spend about 15 minutes. According to his friend, the footballer returned and stayed with them chatting with the complainant’s cousin: “We talked about everything normal, nothing unusual was said. She gives me a high five and her cousin kisses me on the cheek before leaving.

The plaintiff’s version is totally different. The girl claims that she did not know that Alves was a famous footballer and that he asked her to accompany him to the private bathroom. There he forcefully grabbed her head and directed her towards his penis so she could perform oral sex on him. According to the victim, he came to slap her. Later, he penetrated her “hard” until he ejaculated. The victim left the bathroom crying and explained what had happened to the nightclub doorman, who activated the sexual assault protocol.

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