Due to media pressure for his unfortunate comments in recent weeks, Cuban opponent and youtuber Eliécer Ávila resigned from the presidency of the Somos + organization, founded by him when he was in Cuba, with the idea of ​​”taking off the political chains” that they are the target of all criticism.

In a recent direct on his YouTube channel, he announced the decision to end “the political Eliecer.” “I want to say today with total responsibility that until Cuba is free and there are no elections where I, if I feel like it and it is my interest at that time, can run as an independent or with a party, the political Eliecer is over.”

Ávila, a computer engineer graduated from the UCI and who for some years has been dedicated to the world of generating digital content related to Cuba, said that everything is planned for the holding of internal elections in Somos +.

The man from Las Tunas promised to support the newly elected president with “all the strength of my heart, just as I will continue to support the movement, but I have to take off those chains, those handcuffs.”

“I remove the chain of political leader because in the end I am not, I do not hold any position, I do not have an official armored car at my service, I do not have any budget to make a political career, I am not participating in any elections, however I have the politician’s cap and that makes me a target in the middle of the field, everyone pointing and everyone shooting, and I cannot defend myself because I am a politician,” he said.

Apparently Ávila thinks that the Cuban community, among which are his detractors and followers, is no longer the political head of an organization, they will not question his comments and controversies to which he is exposed every time he speaks in his daily direct via YouTube.

In recent weeks Ávila was involved in a controversy for reacting in a decomposed way to the political satire of the humorous program written by the Pichy Boys, El noticiero Combativo. In this program the actor Vladimir Escudero plays the official announcer Rafael Serrano who criticizes Ávila and calls him Cabo Malanga.

Eliécer did not like this type of humor and suggested that the program should be censored as it hurts the political opposition fighting for the freedom of Cuba.

Criticism for his lack of “stamina” and little tolerance for a humorous program did not wait. In addition, some noticed his characteristics as a dictator by wanting to censor anyone who seems contrary to him.

Recently Ávila and Alexander Otaola are in the middle of powerful crossovers of statements due to their participation in the Cuba team’s ball game in West Palm Beach where the Cuban community in South Florida came to express their feelings with banners and shouts of Homeland and Life.

As a result of that controversy, Ávila made another unfortunate statement, this time criticizing the homosexual community.

“There are people who are like that type of gays who somehow to show that they are gay, they do it by being more feminine than the women themselves, you see them walking around Miami Beach as if they were chewing gum with their buttocks,” Avila said.

He earned epithets of “contemptuous, macho and homophobic” from the LGBT + community who felt attacked by his comments that evidence an extremist position in the style of Fidel Castro.

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