The correista parliamentary group Unión por la Esperanza (UNES) described this Monday as “unsettling”That the name of the president of the Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, appears among the Pandora Papers and urged that the president give explanations to the citizens.

In a brief appearance in the Assembly, the group read a statement in which it expressed “The deepest concern regarding the appearance of the president’s name in the so-called Pandora Papers”, according to research carried out by an international journalistic group “On secret accounts in tax havens”.

“It is disturbing that the president of the nation appears as one of the possible international evaders, along with hundreds of politicians who have huge fortunes in tax havens, with the aim of not paying taxes in their countries”added the note.

The reaction of the supporter party of former President Rafael Correa occurs in the midst of the international scandal since Sunday over the publication of the Pandora Papers.

Pandora Papers: What is known about the leak exposing the secret wealth of world leaders and billionaires

UNES also asked the Government to give an explanation to the Ecuadorians and urges the National Assembly to open an investigation into the case.

The Ecuadorian president insisted on Monday that he does not have properties in tax havens anywhere in the world, since he got rid of them in order to be head of the Ecuadorian State.

“I want to be absolutely categorical in saying that I have no connection with any company in any tax haven in any country in the world,” said the president in an appearance after a meeting he held in Quito with indigenous leaders.

Asked by a journalist, he explained that he “got rid” of “many companies and investments precisely to be able to register my candidacy and exercise the position of president of Ecuador”, according to the investigation in 2017.

The calls from the opposition and from certain circles of public opinion for an investigation to be opened led Assemblyman Fernando Villavicencio to ask the president for explanations.

Villavicencio, who is President of the Supervision Commission, said that “in view of the fact that no legislator has asked the National Assembly (the Supervision Commission) to initiate an investigation into the Pandora Papers,” this Monday he did. .

“Today I asked Guillermo Lasso to forward the information on the case. I will not only investigate the Pandora Papers, but also the connection of former officials in the Panama Papers ”, he indicated on social networks.

And in a letter to the president, he asks him to clarify whether he currently maintains any business, financial or labor ties with the trusts, companies and foundations mentioned by the international investigation.

The Pachakutik indigenous movement also listens to requests for information from the president, although with the reservation that before accusing the president of violating the law it is necessary to investigate.

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