In the impeachment request promoted by the national government against the judges of the Supreme Court, the governor of Chubut, Mariano Arcioni, appears as one of the signatories. However, objections arose last night about the validity of that guarantee because Arcioni is on leave until January 8 and the lieutenant governor in charge of the provincial Executive, Ricardo Sastre, did not sign the request against the magistrates of the country’s highest court.

As GLM was able to establish in reliable sources, Chubut’s position in the face of the attack against the Court has generated internal discussions in the provincial government. Arcioni would support Alberto Fernández’s decision to move against the judges, but since he was formally on leave, he would not be able to sign the impeachment request. His signature, then, would be invalid and the endorser should be the lieutenant governor, in command, who nevertheless did not sign, as this medium was able to verify. Lieutenant Governor Sastre also did not participate in the meeting called yesterday by the President.

The governors’ support for the request for a trial against the Court generated strong political noise. At least three of those who had initially supported criticizing the court for its ruling in favor of the city of Buenos Aires decided not to back the onslaught ordered by the President. Gustavo Bordet from Entre Ríos, Sergio Uñac from San Juan and Alberto Rodríguez Sáa from San Juan did not sign. Bordet’s case was particular, because the Government included him among the signatories and then had to withdraw him.

Chubut was thus left in a kind of limbo, with support attributed to its governor who, in reality, is not in office and therefore would not be empowered to sign a formal act such as the request for impeachment against magistrates of the national court.

The Government’s decision is to speed up its onslaught against the highest court as much as possible and present the request for impeachment against all its members in the next few hours. The intention is for the legislative tour to begin within the framework of a call for extraordinary sessions.

The endorsement of Chubut, according to some sources speculated last night, could be grounds for challenge if the signer is a governor on leave.

The case exposes the differences that the offensive against the Court has provoked in broad sectors of the ruling party. The governors of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, and of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, had already distanced themselves from the beginning of Fernández’s attacks against the magistrates of the highest court.

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