The First Vice Presidency of Congress, led by Martha Moyano, demanded that thousands of soles be spent on luxury goods.

Fujimori Congresswoman Martha Moyano, who serves as the First Vice President of the Governing Body, forced Congress to spend S/S 445,909 on repairs to her office and other facilities within the House of Assembly.

According to a report by the “Al Estilo de Juliana” program, Moyano has been asking Parliament to make expensive expenditures on services and repairs since August 2022.

The most onerous expenditure was that made for the conditioning service of the premises of the Publishing Fund. This expenditure was equivalent to S/228,000. However, after making a visit, it was found that the premises remained closed and with boxes at the entrance.

Other luxuries that Moyano offered himself with the money of all Peruvians were the restoration of a desk covered in leather and framed in gold leaf (S/1750); maintenance of the car park gate (S/5.998), fitting out of his office (S/40.980), repair of medallion-style armchairs (S/2.990), maintenance and repair of a ramp for vehicles (S/31.531), maintenance of a kitchenette (S/6,980) and repairs to the Citizen Participation Office (S/41,000).

The journalistic program was able to access other documents that prove that Martha Moyano made more requests for improvements to be made in the María Elena Moyano room, such as modifications to the parquet floor, upholstered furniture, the purchase of curtains and the purchase of carpets. .

The same thing happened with a room run by Fuerza Popular. This is the hall of ambassadors of this bench, which generally remains closed.

All these services were carried out between the last days of January 2023 and the beginning of February of the same year.

Martha Moyano did not respond to the journalistic program, which is why she made costly requests to spend money in Congress. Her advisers wrote down the interview request, but the parliamentarian decided not to respond via this channel or via messages on WhatsApp.

“What I am sure of is that Martha Moyano is an excellent first vice-president and that she will never commit these excesses that you intend to impute to her,” replied her colleague Alejandro Aguinaga.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Kelly Portalatino of Peru Libre said Moyano “spends on frivolous goods or accessories.”

“The bench of Peru Libre is also part of promoting this censorship,” he said.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Flor Pablo felt that Congress should be audited.

“Congress is the only entity that is outside the national oversight system. This is a change we need to make to the regulations. Let the question of expenses, personnel, commissions be investigated, let everything be investigated,” he said.

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