Minister Romero made an introduction before answering questions

These are the questions that Vicente Romero will answer at the Congress of the Republic

Follow live the presentation of the Minister of the Interior, Vicente Romero, at the Congress of the Republic

The movement of popular revivalwhich also has the support of lawmakers from people force, popular action, we are in peru, advanced country there we can peruhouses an interpellatory document of the 36 questions.

Among the questions are inquiries about benefits the police officer’s family is receiving (or will eventually receive). Jose Luis Soncco Quispemoney murdered at the hands of criminals in Puno.

He is also asked to specify whether he has been informed “by his legal advisers or whether he is aware” that he must transmit “to the unarmed police forceswith the instruction not to defend oneself against the murderous assaults of the violent and crowds (…) constitutes an offense of neglect of duty”.

“He Minister of the Interior He had to request information about said activities and perform what is required by the legal mandate, that is, acts that do not harm the safety of citizens or cause anxiety in the population”, is it specified.

Likewise, Minister Romero is accused of not maintaining and violating the restoration of the democratic order, public order and internal security of citizenship.


“What we appreciated in his administration, in addition to previous administrations, was a lack of efficiency in tactical and strategic planning, incomprehensible passivity in decision-making and inefficiency in troubled areas, despite the state of emergency and the obvious deployment of ‘terrorist acts‘”, we add.


In the context of the latest protests and social demonstrations, Romero will be consulted on the operation carried out in the San Marcos National University (UNMSM), recorded on January 21; he murder of a policeman in Puno, who was burned inside his vehicle; and the terrorist ambush in Vraem where seven police officers were murdered.

“Since taking office, the Minister Romero Fernandez it has not fully fulfilled its main function of protecting and guaranteeing the free exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms,” reads the motion presented.

Con seventy votes for28 against and 3 abstentions, the Congress of the Republic approved to interview the Minister of the Interior, Vincent Romerothe last Friday, March 3.

the bench popular revivalthrough his spokesperson Jorge Montoyapresented the said initiative so that the holder of the Minister response to three events that occurred during his tenure.


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