Comipems 2021: How to Pre-Register Step by Step Online

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This Monday, January 18, the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education (Comipems) opened the deadline for students who want to start their studies at the baccalaureate level to carry out pre-registration.

This procedure is the first step that applicants must complete to present themselves at the admission Test, and participate in the allocation contest corresponding to 2021.

The form will be available on the Comipems website from January 18 to February 19 of this year, and all students have to do it, regardless of whether they are locals, graduates, foreigners, or from the INEA.

Below we explain in detail how to pre-register online.

Step 1: “Email registration”

When entering the website of "Comipems", you must click on the large tab that reads "Pre-register" (Photo: website www.comipems.org.mx)
When entering the “Comipems” website, you must click on the large tab that reads “Pre-registration” (Photo: website www.comipems.org.mx)

To begin the pre-registration, you must enter the Comipems website (www.comipems.org.mx).

At the top of the portal, just under the “Download of Materials”, you will see a large image with the word “Pre-registration”. By clicking on it, it will take you directly to the page where the procedure is carried out.

After clicking on "Pre-register"will take you directly to this screen, where on the right appears "Sequence to start pre-registration".  To start the process, right click on "Register email for the first time" and enter your email address (Photo: website www.comipems.org.mx)
After clicking on “Pre-registration”, it will take you directly to this screen, where “Sequence to start pre-registration” appears on the right. To start the process, right click on “Register email for the first time” and enter your email address (Photo: website www.comipems.org.mx)

Once there, to the right of the site, you will see the “Sequence to start the pre-registration”, in which there are three tabs. The first step is to enter your personal email, clicking on the first one: “Register email for the first time.”

After this, you will receive in your email address the information you need to begin the process and carry out the second step.

Step 2: “Generate Pre-registration Folio”

After checking the email you received in your email, go back to the Comipems website and press tab number 2: "Generate pre-registration folio" (Photo: website www.comipems.org.mx)
After checking the email you received in your email, return to the Comipems website sequence and click on tab number 2: “Generate pre-registration folio” (Photo: website www.comipems.org.mx)

After providing the email, the next step is to generate the “Pre-registration Folio”, that is, the second tab. For this you will need:

– Your Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)

– The School Code (CCT) where you study or did you study.

If you are in high school, the CCT can be found on your assessment report or on a certificate.

If you have already finished high school, the CCT can be found on your high school certificate or high school digital certificate.

Step 3: complete the pre-registration sections

Comipems Exam (Photo: @SecretariaIPN)
Comipems Exam (Photo: @SecretariaIPN)

When creating your pre-registration folio, a form will open consisting of five sections that you must complete to complete the process:

Personal information.

Generation of the format for the referenced payment: The exam has a cost of 385 pesos that must be paid in the bank indicated in this section.

– Survey of general data.

– Capture educational options: In the manual entitled “Instructions”, you can consult the list of registration centers and the directory of educational options.

– Printing of documents for registration: All documents generated must be printed to present them in the “registration” phase.

Those applicants who complete the pre-registration, but wish to subsequently modify some information, can do so in the third tab: “Enter with pre-registration folio”.

Step 4: you are not done yet

Remember that pre-registration is only the first phase of the process.

Then, you will have to go in person to the center that corresponds to you to complete the procedure.

Each applicant must attend the window on a specific date, and this will depend on the initial letter of their first surname – all information is available in the call document. Once at the institute, you will have to submit the required documentation.

Do not forget to consult the requirements that are required to participate in the 2021 Assignment Contest, indicated in article 5 of the call.

If you have doubts about the steps that follow once you have finished the pre-registration, you can read the note published by Infobae Mexico “Comipems 2021: step by step, everything you need to know about the new call”, where each of the procedures in the process are explained in detail.

You can also contact the telephone number 55 36 01 755 99, or the toll-free number 800 288 66 88, from 08:00 to 20:00 hours. Another possibility is to write an email to contacto@comipems.org.mx.

How and when will the exam be done?

Comipems Exam (Photo: @SecretariaIPN)
Comipems Exam (Photo: @SecretariaIPN)

The admission test at the high school level will be held on June 19, 20, 26 and 27. In the new voucher-credential that the student will receive, the place, date and time in which they must take the exam will be detailed.

According to Comipems “In no case may the exam be presented at a different venue, date or time. And the applicant will have to carry only pencil number 2 1/2, rubber and pencil sharpener.

“It will not be allowed to introduce any other type of objects such as: backpacks, folders, calculators, cell phones, electronic devices, etc. The use of cell phones or electronic devices during the exam is a reason for cancellation ”, warned the organization in the call.

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to affect millions of families, students must also comply with the following recommendations:

* Mandatory entry with face mask and / or mask to the venue where the exam will be applied.

* Allow temperature measurement prior to entry by site personnel.

* Go through the sanitizing mats.

* Those with symptoms should be isolated from everyone else and present your exam in a different location.

* Trained physicians will be present at the application sites to verify the health of all applicants.

The results will be published on July 30, 2021.


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