Two children are recorded jumping between two 27-story buildings in China

Two children are recorded jumping between two 27-story buildings in China

Two children, 7 and 12 years old, captured the attention of the whole world after starring in a heart recording on Reddit, which finally went viral.

The video that was broadcast on the famous social network was shared through various platforms and shows the two children playing on the roof of a 27-story building in Xianning, in Hubei province, China.

Both infants apparently jumped from one building to another, although in the broadcast clip you can only see the jumps of the minor who wears a purple sweater.

The witness at the time was criticized on social media for apparently doing nothing to safeguard the minors, but later confirmed that it was he who alerted the building manager to rescue the children.

through the middle South China Morning Post These little parkour freaks were known to have been trapped on the rooftop due to a damaged roof door lock.

The two boys were apparently “reprimanded” for this action and eventually the lock was replaced.

The clip has already accumulated more than 2 million views in Twitter, and in Reddit continues to generate comments on the whereabouts of the parents of these minors who may have lost their lives in one of the jumps.

Although the video was shared via YouTube, finally it was eliminated and other users have replaced the recording in their respective channels.

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