The drone rain in China that could have ended in a tragedy

The drone rain in China that could have ended in a tragedy

One of the latest attractions given away by the advancement of technology are drone shows, where hundreds of them are used to form 3D images in the air.

But residents of the Chinese city of Zhengzhou saw another kind of spectacle: a veritable drone rain. Something never seen so far.

These artifacts were supposed to be part of a show in front of a shopping center, but due to an “operational error” it resulted in an incident that was recorded on video. The image that lasts a second went viral

As if it were a scene from a movie, due to a flaw in the operating system that controlled them, the drones rushed to the ground, causing the public to flee the scene for fear of ending up hurt by the impact of any of them.

It is estimated that some 5.000 people who attended the show which took place on October 1 with some 200 drones,

Despite the alarm, there were no reports of injuries.

Melissa Galbraith
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