The SEG Plaza skyscraper in the southeastern Chinese city of Shenzhen trembled again today, after the shaking that led to its evacuation last Tuesday, causing the building’s occupants to evacuate it again.

The local newspaper The Paper reported that around noon local time (04.00 GMT) several office workers from different floors between 35 and 60 felt tremors that led the security in charge of the skyscraper to proceed to evacuate them.

The videos obtained by the newspaper showed how the vibration was evident in the water contained in the kettles or in the oscillation of the ceiling fans.

An hour later, the building management said it had notified the tenants of the upper floors to leave the SEG Plaza.

The building was completely evacuated. (AFP).

The building was completely evacuated.

Around 12.31 pm last Tuesday (04.31 GMT), the managers of the building received calls from the occupants regarding an earthquake, which the local authorities are in charge of investigating, although they have not yet found the reasons that explain the vibration of the skyscraper, The Paper noted.

According to the source, “no anomalies have been found in the structure of the building or in the surrounding terrain, and the main structure is safe.”

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