Piñera after the elections in Chile:

Piñera after the elections in Chile: “We are not in tune with the demands and desires of the citizens”

The president of Chile, Sebastian PiñeraHe affirmed this Sunday that neither the Government nor the traditional parties are “adequately tuning in with the demands and desires of the citizens,” after the elections in which the 155 candidates who will draft the new Constitution were voted.

“We are being challenged by new expressions and leaderships. It is our duty to listen with humility and attention to the message of the people ”, indicated the conservative president.

Against all odds and with more than 70% scrutinized, the independents and the opposition would win more than two-thirds of the seats, while the ruling right would be the big loser by winning less than a third of the convention, the percentage necessary to influence the text of the new Magna Carta and veto articles.

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