A violent fire is registered this Thursday in the Mujeres Unidas camp, in the northern and upper part of the city of Antofagasta, in Chile. Most of the people living in this area are foreign nationals.

As reported by the media “24 hours” from Chile based on reports from “TVN Red Antofagasta, the fire started after 9 am on Thursday. Fire companies have moved to the scene to douse the flames.

Rescuers also saw their emergency work complex due to the characteristics of this camp. Neighbors even helped fight the fire so that it does not spread.

Chilean media reported that the houses, being built on uneven terrain, do not have a sewage system or water to combat the emergency. The witnesses said that the advance of the flames “It was very fast” and that they did not reach “to get nothing”.

This situation occurs very little after the citizens in Chile On May 15 and 16, four simultaneous elections in which 16,730 candidates participate: municipal and regional elections, in which mayors, councilors and governors will be chosen, and constituent elections, in which 155 candidates will be voted on. who will write the future new Constitution.

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