Ana Picaz caused a sensation on social networks. Photo: Facebook/anakaren.picazrojas

A policewoman from the Mexico City Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC-CDMX) caused a stir on social media after rising to prominence for a video shared by the entertainment reporter Monique Garza.

On the occasion of the march of International Women’s Daythe communicator shared a video on her Twitter account on March 8.

In the recording, the journalist interviews two members of the CDMX Citizen Security Secretariat Road Orientation Center who worked and guarded the passage of demonstrators on Reform March.

The famous entertainment journalist asked the two officers named Ana and Claudia: “If you hadn’t had to work in the police force, would you have marched with us?”

– “Of course”, replied Claudia, adding that for the simple fact of being women and because they supported the movement.

Meanwhile, Ana replied that they also suffered violence: “there is also violence within the company, discrimination”.

-“How do they deal with it, do they denounce it?” Garza asked.

– “As we can! Yes, before human rights, we also have a way of speaking,” Ana said with a smile.

The recording of barely 44 seconds immediately provoked a series of reactions from Internet users, who underlined the courage of the officers to make these declarations that there is violence within the company, while stressing that are also part of the movement.

“When I passed, the officers were carrying the flowers given to them by a contingent, and if you can see, the officer is wearing a tied purple bandana. No doubt it’s beautiful, but the gesture of support is still more beautiful…”, wrote a Twitter user identified as @AnaVenus76

Officer Ana wearing a purple paliacate on International Women's Day.  Photo: @AnaVenus76
Officer Ana wearing a purple paliacate on International Women’s Day. Photo: @AnaVenus76

“Yesterday we patted them on the shoulder as a thank you when we passed by and most of them were surprised and responded with a smile. They are part of us too,” the user wrote. @ADRIANALDARACA

Another internet user identified as @laPam13, stressed that the “women who make the difference, in the face of the violence of the society that should take care of us. It’s the path women have taken for years to get many of us where we are. Now is the time to continue paving the way to a life free of violence for our girls.”

the boss of Government of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum shared the journalist’s post and wrote: “Because we are women and we support the movement. Policewomen of Mexico City #8March”.

The journalist’s post has so far reached 3.4 million views, 28.3 thousand likes and 3,347 thousand retweets.

Some netizens have identified official Ana on other social networks, who, given the excitement caused by her answers and her “beauty”, had to confirm in an Instagram story that it was indeed her.

According to the newspaper El Universal, the officer mentioned on his social network: “Hello, how are you. Just to thank you for all the messages that I have received, I have received thousands of messages and thank you for your good wishes and yes, it’s me, the policewoman. I will try to answer everyone but there are a lot of them, so thank you, we are in order,” he said.

According Government of Mexicoin the march of International Women’s Day, which had white balance, about 90,000 people participated. While the SSC-CDMX reported that 800 policewomen guarded the passage of the demonstration.

In addition, 400 government officials from the capital were part of the Dialogue and Coexistence Brigade which, together with the city’s Human Rights Commission, assisted the protesters.

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