The actress recognized for her work in ‘Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso’ separated in 2022 from Sebastian Caicedo, after three years of marriage (Instagram: @cvillaloboss)

Without a doubt, Without breasts there is no paradise it became one of the most acclaimed Telemundo productions in the television channel’s entire history. Since its debut in 2008, the series has become a milestone, which it has replicated in its two sequels: Without boobs there is heaven in 2016 there the end of paradise in 2019.

Despite the title of its latest installment, Telemundo announced last January a fourth part of the serieswhich will again be written and directed by the mastermind behind the project: gustavo bolivar. Interestingly, when the series arrived on Netflix, it came out with a completely different ending to the one that aired on Telemundo, leaving the possibility of a new installment; now, the US-based TV channel is already working on it.

As fans of the show know, the story revolves around Catalina Santana, who becomes obsessed with having breast augmentation surgery in an effort to improve her financial situation. Catalina has been interpreted during all these years by the Colombian Carmen Villalobosreceiving critical and public acclaim, so it came as a surprise when Carmen herself assured that He was not contacted to bring Catalina back to life in the new series.

This was announced via his official Instagram when a follower asked him if he would return as the protagonist of the new episode of Without breasts there is no paradiseto which Villalobos replied:

“(…) I know you want another season, and in fact they announced it, but even if you don’t believe it, I don’t know. I promise you a giant hug”.

This caused a great stir in the networks, because if the followers of the soap opera do not know how this program would continue without Villalobos, they also leaves several unknowns in the air on what will be the turn of the new opus. Probably, it could also be a marketing strategy, since it wouldn’t be the first time that a top actor denies everything about an upcoming project and in the end stars in the production as all the public expected.

At the same time, there is also no information that Villalobos was on bad terms with the TV channel or the producers of Without breasts there is no paradise. On several occasions, the actress expressed her love for this character and how it helped her break into show business.

When I started ‘Sin senos no hay paraíso’ it was my first main role and, really, to ‘Sin senos no hay paraíso’ and to Telemundo I owe what I am today in my career. I love this project, it gave me everything I am in my career, beautiful people with whom I worked. When I talk about the audience, I really mean that we have a beautiful audience, who have loved and followed this story since 2008.”, Carmen said in an interview for Today in 2019.

Without breasts, there is no paradise was the debut of Carmen Villalobos as the protagonist, being the decisive turning point for her career to take off.
Without breasts, there is no paradise was the debut of Carmen Villalobos as the protagonist, being the decisive turning point for her career to take off.

For the moment, no information on the title of this fourth installment, its casting or its release date. It must be remembered that the first sequel took eight years to reach television, while the third installment took only three years compared to the previous one, but if we take into account that production is already starting, this story is likely to continue between 2024 and 2025.

Another question among fans is if this will be the true conclusion of the seriesHowever, there is still plenty of time to dispel these doubts.

Although it was his most popular role, the truth is that Carmen Villalobos It is still valid on Latin American television. In 2022, the actress was recognized as Best Antagonist Actress in a Telenovela, Series or Miniseries at the India Catalina Awards for his role as Lucia Sanclemente in the serial feminine scented coffee, so he won’t come back to the star Without breasts there is no paradise probably won’t make you lose sleep.

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