Carmen Villalobos expressed what she loved most about being a presenter and that the recordings whetted her appetite. (@cvillaloboss/Instagram)

Carmen Villalobos She is one of the most beloved actresses of Colombians, and the fact is that Barranquilla’s wife has been attracting attention since she starred in the antagonist of the redo from the novel by Fernando Gaitan inspired by coffee pickers and had the same name as its original version Coffee with a feminine scent.

The separation of Sebastien Caicedo, led her to cover the main tabloid portals and now, the courtship she has with the Venezuelan presenter Frederick Oldenburg, with whom he starred in emotional moments on social media where the love they feel for each other is constantly professed.

Carmen Villalobos as Top Chef VIP host for Telemundo.  @cvillaloboss/Instagram
Carmen Villalobos as Top Chef VIP host for Telemundo. @cvillaloboss/Instagram

The actress has also shown a knack for presenting, which is why she was chosen to lead the way in the guidelines that are given to attendees of Top Chef VIP which in its first season was followed by Gregorio Pernia and in this second season the barranquillera returns and repeats and the other Colombian installment will be in charge of Sarah Corrales.

In interview with The weather, Villalobos She pointed out that being in charge of hosting a cooking show has hurt her, as it has whetted her appetite, since tapings start at 11 a.m. and it’s time to push the preparations forward. in front of the juries the clock strikes noon “It makes me incredibly hungry!”

Carmen Villalobos has revealed that she will be the presenter of the second season of Top Chef VIP for Telemundo.  @cvillaloboss/Instagram
Carmen Villalobos has revealed that she will be the presenter of the second season of Top Chef VIP for Telemundo. @cvillaloboss/Instagram

“Normally they have about 60 minutes and when I come back on set the studio doors open and you walk in at lunch time and ufff! It is a critical moment because there is a mixture of smells and the taste buds want to taste everything… But it’s time to ask the participants to show their dishes,” he told the newspaper. The weather.

In addition, he clarified to the aforementioned communication medium that his relationship with the kitchen is not so professional -given the experience of the juries and the courses that the participants follow-, but whenever he likes to experiment. more in his kitchen, with different preparations.

“Of course I don’t work without eating and since I get up I eat,” added the actress.

After separating from Sebastien Caicedo, Carmen Villalobos received a new chance to love Frederick Oldenburgwho on the morning of March 15, 2023 sent a message of love to the Colombian to celebrate her professional achievements.

Actually Telemundothe channel they both work at, announced the premiere of the second season of ‘Top Chef VIP‘, a cooking contest in which the Colombian is the host, and that makes the happiness of the Venezuelan, who did not hesitate to express his emotion by revealing the news.

| Video: Instagram @fredefutbol

“I am very happy and I will tell you why. ‘Top Chef VIP’ returns in its second season with Carmen Villalobos. Wonderful, intelligent, brilliant, hardworking and spectacular. My girlfriend ! I love you so much!” he expressed, while his partner Daniel Arenas appeared on the stage, adding that his compatriot and colleague is an “incredible woman”.

Subsequently, the partner of Carmen Villalobos accompanied their words with much more loving words, in which they wanted this new opportunity to demonstrate their talent in the presentation to be full of “success” and, even, they also expressed their admiration for the judges, contestants and technical team behind the production of the cooking show.

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