A curious property in Carabayllo (North of Lima) has attracted the attention of more than one Internet user (Video: YouTube/Katty with Kalle)

He Peru might as well have been called “Macondo” for the number of incredible things that happen in these lands and which usually generate, among other things, laughter among the people who witness these curious events.

And among these we have an infinite one which, from time to time, is discovered by some passionate cybernaut win some like on their social networks and share them with the whole world.

As is the rare case of an “upside down” house on a street in the Lima district of carabayllo.

(Capture: YouTube/Katty with Kalle)
(Capture: YouTube/Katty with Kalle)

As the author of the photograph posted on the social network of Twitter identified as @sometimesjohnno one can explain why there is an upside down house in the popular northern district of Lima.

As you can see from the photos, which have already gone viral in all social networksAt first, it’s an ordinary house that at first wouldn’t attract anyone’s attention.

But the three-storey house It’s starting to get “weird” from the second floor. And it is that, at first glance, this house seems to have been built breaking all logic and overturning the laws of engineering, architecture and, incidentally, those of physics.

Painted yellow, it has tiles, a pretty fireplace, windows, doors, flowerpots and a sign (obviously also reversed) with the legend “A&A Inside Out. Foster Family” (A&A upside down. Family home).

(Twitter / @sometimesjohn)
(Twitter / @sometimesjohn)

After the restless tweeter post @sometimesjohn, Many Internet users who saw the photo repeated a series of possible reasons why the owner of the property decided to build his house this way. For some of them, this kind of thing only happens in a country like Peru.

“An innovative architect who thinks outside the “house”, “Because our reality is upside down!”“Because when they built it they held the plane upside down”, “To be original and stand out from the rest”, “I live around the corner and the truth is that I only think that the owner is just an artist”, are some of the messages that have been They let you see in the original message.

However, other tweeters, with more volatile imaginations than others, blamed natural phenomena that they happened more than 50 years ago or that everything is a dream in the manner of Dalí.

“In the earthquake of 1970, this house flipped over, and then they left it like that because it was amazing that it hadn’t been destroyed and just flipped over. crazy questions, simple answers”, “He’s a fan of the movie Creation (El Origen) with Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Christopher Nolan”, “It happens when you get the wrong sign in the differential equation”, are other nice comments.

(Twitter / @sometimesjohn)
(Twitter / @sometimesjohn)

Although at the beginning @sometimesjohn He did not want to give the exact address of the exact place of the house so as not to disturb the family who lives there, the truth is that he gave in a little to the pressure of the comments which asked him to reveal the location and eventually he did.

“I can only tell you that it is in the Urban. Tungasuca II Stadium. If you go, be nice and have a good atmosphere.”

Until the closing of this note, the striking images that appear upside down have already been reproduced more than 304,000 times. Also, he received more than five thousand “likes”has nearly 700 retweets, over 200 quoted tweets and comments are on the verge of reaching 200.

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