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Cape Verde throws in the Towel and announces its immediate Withdrawal

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Cape Verde has endured to the limit so that its debut in a World Championship was not a flower of a day as a result of the pandemic, but this morning he threw in the towel: he has nine players available, but he needs ten, and it is possible that tomorrow against Uruguay he will not have them either. And in addition, the rivals of Cape Verde have been disappointed to play with the African country ravaged by the positives.

Immediately the delegation has confirmed its withdrawal, with which it leaves after debuting with Hungary and showing a good image despite the defeat and playing with only eleven players; 34.27. Semedo, the Ademar León side, stood out as the team leader. Against Germany he could no longer line up the minimum of eleven players, because he only had nine without affecting the virus, with which he added his second defeat.

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With the withdrawal, all his matches are added by defeats of 10-0, which in the face of the final classification will finish in 32nd place.

On the other hand, The other debutant of the group, Uruguay, benefits from this withdrawal, which despite conceding two devastating defeats, 43-14 against Germany, 44-18 against Hungary, which accesses the next phase, with which, and albeit in a bizarre way, enters the second phase. One of his best players is the Asturian left-back Esteban Cancio, and also four of the internationals act in Spanish teams.

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