Karim Nader Abu Naba’a, better known as “Prince Karim”, suffered a helicopter crash near Soledad, Atlántico on February 17 (File)

The helicopter crash that occurred in the municipality of Soledad, Atlántico, in which three people were injured on February 17, continues to be talked about, especially for what surrounds it Karim Nader Abu Naba. The Arab-born businessman, better known as “Prince Karim”, after confirming that he would donate equipped houses to people who helped him during the emergency, reported via his Instagram account that he is currently preparing with his team of lawyers a million-dollar lawsuit against the company Aerocesar SAS, responsible for providing the helicopter in which Karim was traveling, accompanied by the Dominican Juan Antonio Renoso.

The motive for the lawsuit is said to be an alleged lack of maintenance as responsible for the accident, which he revealed in several messages responding to expressions of support and concern for his health. In them, “Prince Karim” confirmed that his health was stable after undergoing spinal surgery in New York a few days after the accident. He also indicated that with the payment of compensation for damages (which he hopes to benefit from), he will seek to build a school and/or a sports center in the El Porvenir district of Soledad, where the accident occurred. :

“The blow was hard, but we were aware, with the strength of our arms and the adrenaline I dragged myself out, we all got out, thank God there were people who went to see and they told me carried, literally about 15 seconds later the helicopter exploded they had to fly me to New York for spine and foot surgery but I was left in one piece, and don’t worry no, my lawyers are working, it was probably due to a lack of maintenance, no more than 300 dollars when it comes to seeing, I tell you what I know, with this little money from the lawsuit we go see if we can build a school or a sports center”

The following posts on his personal account showed the procedures he had undergone on his spine and foot, as well as his recovery process. A few days later, he told his followers that the young woman who rescued and cared for him for more than 24 hours in Barranquilla, identified as Francesca Lizardo, he sent her a luxury van as a gift to thank “Prince Karim” with her. This was shared via her Instagram account along with a video showing the surprise the young woman felt when she saw the luxurious vehicle on the doorstep of her house and it even had a gift bow decorating it. It was accompanied by these words:

“The most important thing about this accident is that I found out who my friends are. She helped me for 24 hours in Barranquilla and this is her first gift. Insurance is much more expensive than that, enjoy your car. I love you very much, good work, other things are coming. I will give houses, schools and a few other things. I have already walked a little more”

The young woman, international relations professional and member of the ‘Because We Are Poor’ Foundation, has yet to release a statement for the luxurious thank-you gift, despite humorously taking a meme to her Instagram Stories hinting at his reaction. when he received the gift at his home, which went viral on digital platforms.

Francesca Lizardo, the young woman who saved the "Karim principle" After her helicopter crash, she reacted to one of the memes she caused with her reaction when he wanted to reward her (f_lizardo_26/Instagram)
Francesca Lizardo, the young woman who saved ‘Prince Karim’ after his helicopter crash, reacted to one of the memes she caused with her reaction when he wanted to reward her (f_lizardo_26/Instagram)

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