Unfortunate scene -more than that- the one that has starred in the last hours a former player of FC Barcelona. Samuel Eto’o witnessed the tie between Brazil and South Korea live and, as he left the stadium, several fans approached with mobile phones and cameras to ask him for photos.

The newspaper La Opinión has published a video this morning in which Eto’o , current president of the Cameroon Federation, can be seen kicking in the face an individual who was recording him with a camera in the outskirts of the stadium.

Viral sequence on social networks

The sequence, not surprisingly, has gone viral immediately. The video in question captures how Samuel Eto’o walks while taking photos with several fans who recognize and greet him, wanting to take some selfies with him. So far everything seems normal.

The problem occurs when another fan appears with a camera, who is recording the Cameroonian. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, Samuel Eto’o’s wires get crossed and he ends up attacking him with a kick to the face. The spectacular aggression occurs while the individual is on the ground, to the surprise of those present, who try to stop the Cameroonian.

silence after assault

In the images it can be seen how the man who appears with the camera and a small microphone manages to ask him a brief question or comment , which is what seems to provoke the excessive reaction of Samuel Eto’o.

A companion of the Cameroonian tries to snatch the device from the fan, who ends up falling to the ground with a push. That’s when Eto’o takes the opportunity to launch a kick at the height of the face , very dangerous. Right after, some fans and security members take the ex-soccer player away from the place. This is a grotesque situation on which Eto’o , who is currently silent , will have to answer publicly.

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