This week, the journalist’s book hits UK bookstores Hannah Barnes “Time to reflect. The inside story of the collapse of Tavistock’s gender service for children” (Time to Think. The Inside Story of the Collapse of Tavistock’s Child Gender Service), a journalistic work in which he chronicles the collapse of the Tavistock Center in west London, an institution that for 30 years had cared for minors who questioned their gender identity.

Amid 2022 After a rigorous investigation, the National Health Service (British NHS) determined that the Tavistock Center temporarily closed, after hearing the pediatrician’s report Hilary Cass renowned doctor in charge of the case, who revealed that “the clinic was not a safe or viable long-term option” and confirmed the accusations of hundreds of whistleblowers who noticed irregularities in the program.

“This is not a story that seeks to deny trans identities. This is a story about the basic safety of a police service. NHS, on the adequacy of the care he provided, and on his use of very evidence-based mistreatment to treat some of the most vulnerable young people in our society. And how many people sat and watched and did nothing.” Hilary Cass.

“Time To Think”. The inside story of the collapse of Tavistock’s children’s gender service.

He Gender Identity Development Service (GUIDE) of the Tavistock and Portman Clinic In 2009 attended 50 people due to gender dystrophy. After 11 years, patients had increased and 4,600 minors they were part of the long waiting list (2020). Given the explosion of cases and the repetitive pattern of countries facilitating the “gender transition” NHS decided to open an investigation.

NOW, Hannah Barnes take care in his book “Time to Think” (Time To Think) to reveal everything that happened in the cwithin Tavistock, through a series of testimonials, including those of former doctors and patients, who recounted their experience of medicating minors after just one assessment and how many mental issues they already suffered from were ignored. The book denounces how the physical and psychological procedure of minors has been discarded.

Although supported by testimonials from doctors and patients, Barnes pointed out in an interview with Hadley Freeman In The temperature the difficulties he faced in getting the book published, as it was a controversial issue for the UK healthcare system. In the book, he reconstructs the events since the founding of the GUIDE In 1989 For Dominic Di Cegliean Italian child psychiatrist, with the aim of creating a site where young people could access their gender identity.

“In Tavistock Puberty blockers were provided to minors without taking into account their psychological situation and with harmful and irreversible consequences and side effects for their health.

the vision of By Ceglie It was a bit advanced for the time, but during those years the clinic did not offer puberty blockers to children under 16, although it referred patients to endocrinology clinics which provided them in a responsible. This service became part of the clinic Tavistock in the decade of 2000Since The Netherlandsbut in order to eradicate the suffering of their young patients, they started providing puberty blockers to minors like the Netherlands.

In “Time to Think” The journalist details how at the time of the accession of the GUIDE Al Tavistock Center more … than 25% of patients had passed through reception centres, 38% came from families with mental health issues and 42% He had lost at least one of his parents. The youngster had a history of other issues including anxiety, physical abuse and a history of self-harm.

Barnes tells in his journalistic investigation how to 2014, under the direction of dr. Polly Carmichael it was decided to withdraw protocols from the GUIDE the age limit on accessing the drug, allowing children as young as nine to have access to it, although they were unaware of what the blockers would do to their patients, and how since then the cases have skyrocketed, causing overcrowding and little attention from medical staff to freeing up space.

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