Federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, one of the sons of the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, applauded the decision of the Congress of The Savior to dismiss several magistrates of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General.

“PR of El Salvador @nayibbukele has a majority of parliamentarians in its support. Now, Congress dismissed all the Supreme Court ministers for interfering in the executive, all constitutionalists. “said the son of the far-right leader in a message posted on Twitter late Sunday.

“The judges judge the cases, if they want to dictate policies that take to the streets to be elected”.

The Legislative Assembly of The Savior, with a pro-government majority, dismissed the titular and alternate magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) on Saturday for allegedly committing “fraud to the constitution” and exercising the functions of the Executive in its rulings on the handling of the pandemic.

The decision – the first of the new Legislative Assembly, which took office on Saturday – has been harshly questioned by human rights organizations that have described it as unconstitutional and that see the rule of law threatened.

Both the president Bolsonaro as the deputy they have harshly questioned the decisions of the Supreme Court in Brazil, whom they have accused of politically interfering against the current administration.

The most recent decision of the Court has put under the magnifying glass the actions of the Government of Bolsonaro in the fight against the pandemic.

At the request of the Court, the Brazilian Senate created last week a commission that will investigate the management and alleged “omissions” of the government of the far-right leader in the face of COVID-19, which already leaves more than 400,000 deaths and 14.7 million contagions in the country.

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