Shakira is trending in social media due to Blackpink’s presentation at Coachella. (Getty)

Although she’s been away from the limelight as she organizes her new life in Miami, Shakira continues to trend on social media and, on this occasion, it was for the presentation of the Korean pop group black Rose, who were in one delightful those attending the music festival with their songs. There they performed a choreography in which they moved their hips, in the best style of the Barranquillera.

For this reason, the followers of the Korean group pointed out that the young women achieved a feat that they would not be able to achieve. Shakira. In the images you can see how the singers are surrounded by a dozen dancers, who with feather fans surround them and begin to spin, while they move their hips to the rhythm of the song that was playing at that moment- there.

Some of the comments that circulated in the various publications mentioning Shakira said: “You have competition Shakira, her hips don’t lie either”; “Her hips don’t lie, she learned from her Latin mother Shakira”; “if Beyoncé and Shakira had a daughter together”; “Shakira, Shakira…this is how Rosé looks at Coachella”; “Shakira’s soul owns Rosé on the Coachella stage”, among other comments are seen on the social network.

But the confrontation on Twitter did not end there, since the followers of the Barranquillera did not ignore the comments that circulated about the singers of Black Rose move her hips like Shakira, since they claimed that the artist does not need to surround himself with dozens of dancers to be part of the show, while it is clear that the Colombian is the one who has done the show on multiple occasions.

“Shakira doesn’t need thousands of dancers behind her to put on a show, because she’s the show, know your place”, is one of the comments that have been circulating on social networks, while the Barranquillera is seen in the Mangosta Tower to the rhythm of Arabic music before starting the song Eyes like that.

Others recalled the presentation of Shakira at the close of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Final when he played the WakaWaka And she was the one who put on the final show, as happened in the Brazil 2014 final, when she was cheered by the millions of fans around the world to attend and there she appeared, pregnant of his second son Milan.

Shakira is trending in social media due to Blackpink's presentation at Coachella.
Shakira is trending in social media due to Blackpink’s presentation at Coachella.

Through ICT Tac A netizen confirmed that the Barranquillera would have “almost confirmed their tour in Latin America” ​​and that they would have three dates for Colombia in the cities of Barranquilla, Bogotá and Medellín. As revealed by @juanjo_guerrero14 these presentations would be ready to be announced for September.

“In Colombia we will have it on September 12 in Barranquilla, September 14 in Medellín and September 16 in Bogotá,” the social media user revealed. However, the list also includes presentations in countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.

The framework chosen for the presentation of the interpreter of Eyes like that, where are the thieves? there I leave you Madrid It would be the Live Coliseum which houses more people in a covered space or the Movistar Arena in the case of Bogotá. For presentations in Medellín and Barranquilla they talk about stadiums Atanasio Girardot of the captain of Antioquia and the Metropolitan of the sandy.

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