Big Brother’s Romina opened up about her divorce from Walter Festa

The entry of parents into the house of Big brother 2022 In the home stretch of the competition, he examined the relationships of the participants before entering the reality show Telefe. With this panorama, Romina she was disappointed as she expected one of her daughters to enter. They didn’t let the girls in?, he asked his nephew Fabián when he saw him enter, which caused a series of reactions inside and outside.

On the one hand, the link with Tight, Happiness there Nina, the girls who accompany her to each gala according to the photo which shows the camera and with whom she has not had physical contact for four months. A few days ago, the eldest spoke to Laura Ubfal and, when questioned by the journalist, she said that she would like the public to vote for her to leave the house. “I think that’s all,” Mia said.

On the other hand, the involvement both in the house and in various motives of Romina’s family members has put her relationship with the former mayor of Moreno back on the table, walter partyand father of her daughters. She had always expressed her separation from the politician, but some followers of the show questioned it, especially after Christmas greetings from her family, of which Festa was a part.

The touching welcome from Romina’s daughters to Big Brother that brought her to tears

Following this, the politician spoke at that time in At Barbarossa (Telefe) and gives his version of the facts: “No separation is easy. Yes, there is a lot of love and we have children in common, a family in common. The separation didn’t happen for lack of love, it happened for other reasons,” he said. “There was no cheating either. It was exhausting,” he added of the reasons that led them to distance themselves.

While family relations are in full swing, the subject floats again in the conversations of Big brother and Romina had broached the subject a few days ago, during a conversation with Juliet there Daniela. It was from a film they had seen in the house that certain memories of their marriage were triggered. “Oh, they don’t know how strange it is. Sometimes I despair, I don’t even want to think. Sometimes it’s like I miss Walter when I remember certain things. It’s the same thing sometimes, then I remember (other things) and not anymore,” she told her closest friends back home.

However, the former deputy raised the subject again during an interview with Rodolfo, Nacho’s father, and Gladys, the mother of La Tora. “My ex has now divorced. I told her why, we were already separated and I said to her ‘how are we going to settle the divorce issue?’ And he was like, ‘Well, let’s wait.’ He didn’t want a divorce. So I said to him, ‘No, that’s it, if we break up, we break up,’” he said at the kitchen table.

Romina Uhrig with Walter Festa Facebook
Romina Uhrig with Walter Festa Facebook

The woman recounted the proposal her ex-husband made to her before entering the competition. “How do you want to get into Big Brother? Divorced?” and then she offered to start the divorce proceedings. “He started doing it and I don’t have to sign anything, these days if one wants a divorce everything, the other doesn’t need to sign, or anything.”

And he continued: “He started raising the divorce issue with his lawyer; He asked me for the baby certificate, birth certificate and marriage certificate. After I asked him he told me he did everything and now I’m waiting. I should receive the notification, but I still haven’t received anything, but yes, it’s already done.”

At that time, Rodolfo referenced the Festa Christmas greetings video and confessed that he believed they were still together “I saw such good vibes with the video that I thought they were married.” Romina confessed that she didn’t expect this behavior either: “I myself was surprised, because when we separated, that we did not separate in a good way, things didn’t end well,” she revealed, and gave details about how her story ended. marriage.

“It’s been ten days since we’ve spoken because of something I don’t like and instead of saying, ‘Well, sorry, I made a mistake’, he still got worse and ended up leaving the house at night, he had blocked my phone, no I had a way to talk to him,” Romina said, adding that once she approached the car that her ex was driving. “I said to him, ‘Can we talk? We have two daughters. And he says to me, ‘No, no, I don’t want to talk to you,'” he concluded, before Pluto TV’s broadcast was interrupted.

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