Australia lifts several localized lockdowns after curbing the coronavirus

Australia lifts several localized lockdowns after curbing the coronavirus

Authorities from various Australian regions announced this Friday the end of some confinements located after considering that they have managed to stop the covid-19.

Michael Gunner, head of the government of the Northern Territory, indicated that this afternoon he concludes the measure on Darwin, the regional capital, and the nearby towns, in addition to the remote city of Alice Springs.

This afternoon will also conclude the confinement on part of the state of Queensland, said its regional governor Annastacia Palaszczuk, specifying that the order on Brisbane, the state capital, and Moreton Bay will be extended for another day.

Queensland health authorities announced today that they have detected three new cases of covid-19; while in neighboring New South Wales, whose capital Sydney is under lockdown until July 9, 31 new infections were reported; and South Australia reported two.

The Sydney outbreak, mostly linked to the delta variant, is the one that worries the most, totaling more than 230 infections since it was detected in mid-June and still shows an ascending line in the number of daily cases.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Friday that they are finalizing a new plan to exit the pandemic, focused on suppressing community transmission of the virus through the vaccination campaign.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Australia has accumulated more than 30,600 covid-19 infections, including 910 deaths, and vaccinated with at least one dose to more than 7.8 million people of the 25 million inhabitants that the country has, a slow pace as expected by authorities.

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