This Monday, Belgrano beat Viaducto 1-0 in their match for the 6th round of the Argentina – Professional League 2023 tournament. The visit scored the only goal of the match after 37 minutes of the first half, through Pablo Vegetti, from the penalty spot.

Luck was not on Arsenal’s side twice and Lautaro Guzmán’s shot hit the post.

Pablo Vegetti was the figure of the party. The Belgrano striker scored 1 goal, touched the opposite goal 6 times and made 12 correct passes.

Another important player of the game was Ariel Rojas. The Belgrano midfielder managed 27 correct passes and took home 4 balls.

The course of the match was very tight and intense, with more nerves than game. There were 3 reprimands: Alejandro Medina, Ignacio Gariglio and Matías García.

Arsenal technical director Carlos David Ruiz has planned a 4-4-2 strategy with Alejandro Medina in the arch; Nestor Breitenbruch, Ignacio Gariglio, Joaquin Pombo and Adrian Spörle on the defensive line; Juan Manuel Cuesta, Felipe Peña Biafore, Braian Rivero and Lautaro Guzman in the middle; and Santiago Paiva and Flabian London in attack.

For their part, those led by Guillermo Farré stopped with a 4-5-1 pattern with Manuel Vicentini under the three sticks; Gabriel Compagnucci, Alejandro Rébola, Nicolás Meriano and Francisco Oliver in defence; Santiago Longo, Ariel Rojas, Ulises Sánchez, Matías García and Iván Ortigoza in midfield; and Pablo Vegetti in front.

Referee Hernán Mastrángelo was chosen to carry out the actions of the match.

On the next date, the Viaducto will visit Argentinos Juniors and Belgrano will play at home against Lanús at the Julio César Villagra stadium.

At the end of the match, the local team finds itself with 4 points and in twenty-sixth place in the standings. While the visit has 10 units and ranks ninth in the tournament.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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