The shock wave reached eight people, of which two died in the hospital; including a minor

A truck carrying pyrotechnic material exploded this Thursday in Guanajuato, leaving at least four people dead.

According to the reports, the incident occurred around 6:00 p.m. on the alternate Celaya-Villagrán highway, at the height of the El Rehilete subdivision.

Two men were traveling in the vehicle who lost their lives instantly, but the shock wave reached two workers who were passing by, who also died.

After receiving the report, firefighters arrived a few minutes later and found the truck on fire, near the train tracks, so they took on the task of dousing the flames, while state public security elements cordoned off the area to avoid risk to motorists.

At least four dead were left by the explosion of a truck carrying pyrotechnics in Guanajuato

Paramedics confirmed that eight people were injured and were taken to the General Anaya hospital, where hours later the death of two was announced, including a minor.

It is worth mentioning that until now it is unknown what caused the explosion, as a spark had to fall into the pyrotechnics.

It turned out that the owners of the truck had their domicile in the El Chinaco community; that is, just two kilometers from the place.

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