What do Qatari people search for the most on Google and Twitter?

The soccer world cup, Qatar, 2022 is not long in coming and it is a fact that it is the topic in vogue for many nations; Obviously, Qatar could not be the exception, but? Let’s see what is actually trending for the country on the Arabian Peninsula. Let’s take a quick look at what’s happening on Twitter and Google in that nation because, believe it or not, not everything revolves around soccer in those parts.

What does Google tell us about trends in that country?

To achieve the above, we take as a reference the data provided by Google Trends during the last 30 days. Although the World Cup is the closest and most important sporting event in that country these days, it is not the only one that enjoys the public’s attention.

When searching ‘All Categories’, we see that a good part of the trends focus on the World Cricket Tournament that takes place in Australia.

Qatar came to be in the qualifiers, but although the country does not fully appear in Google trends, it can be interpreted that in this Arab nation that sport is followed with great emotion. On the other hand, the theme of interest in football can be seen in how striking the Indian Super League is for these Arab lands.

What does Twitter tell us about trends in that country?

Taking Twitter data as a reference, in addition to the Soccer World Cup, the trends show data on a population quite interested in K-pop artists, such as Jungkook, from BTS, who is leading the trending. Probably because the artist is preparing several promotions for brands on the occasion of the aforementioned world event, not to mention that his band has been playing loudly as part of the world cup soundtrack.

In international news, the Qatari emir (head of state) Tamim well Hadam Al Thani, is also in the trends, since the news of last Tuesday, October 25, came out when said president announced that the World Health Organization accredited all cities in Qatar as healthy.

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