The split between Karol G and Anuel AA came in April 2021, after the two’s life plans were far apart, they say | Photo: Instagram @karolg

anuel aa has caused a great controversy in recent days by posting on his Instagram account a message apparently dedicated to Karl G., with whom he shared three years of his life. However, the Puerto Rican returned to generate controversy around the subject with a new comment.

And it is that, although he did not directly name his ex-girlfriend, the reggaeton player assured that when his ex-partners dedicate songs to him, they usually achieve worldwide success. The curious thing about the case is that only the Colombian got those achievements.

“I’m a sex symbol now…they go global when they dedicate songs to me, they already go global for two,” he can be heard saying in a video.

Karol G supporters called Anuel AA “arrogant” for these words | Video: Instagram

Anuel AA would also have made this comment in reference to the great popularity that Karol G has at the moment thanks to his song “THQ‘, in which he collaborates with Shakira.

However, the “Bichota” had previously stated that the song was not dedicated to anyone, since many of his followers and those of the Barranquilla interpreted it as a mockery of their former partners (Anuel and Gerard pricks).

“This song is simply two women recounting their experiences through music, with no intention of upsetting or hurting anyone. The song is not for anyone in particular, what it is is a combination of two women who have shown how powerful they can be and that should be the real debate,” she explained in an interview. at ‘El Hormiguero’.

‘TQG’ was the biggest hit of ‘Mañana ser bonito’, the new album of ‘Bichota’, but what few knew was that the song was written a long time ago and, in fact, it does not was never going to see the light of day by the singer’s own decision.

“It’s a song that I’ve had for over a year and a half and wasn’t going to be released. For this album I had 60 songs and it was hard to decide which ones were going to be included, and in the end it was was almost a lottery because I couldn’t make up my mind (…) I wrote ‘TQG’ the same day I wrote my verse for ‘Mamiii’ and even though I was going through a difficult time in my life, I didn’t want all my art to revolve around that. And although I loved the song, I said, ‘It’s very beautiful, it’s going to be an anthem for me, but I’m going to listen alone and occasionally with my friends in the car’ (. ..) That’s how it was going to be until I understood what Shakira was going through after her separation, because what matters to me in my songs is that they represent and identify women,” she told W Radio.

Karol G also told this station that there are a lot of songs he created that no one knows about, but for “Tomorrow it will be sunny” he chose what he considers to be an x-ray of his life.

“For a long time I wrote sad, dark and heartbreaking songs, but over time and as I healed, the way of writing changed, so I started doing rebellion songs and that got to me. pushed, as a woman, to go to extremes that I thought was right for me to make you happier, but I didn’t. Until I made love songs and healed the heart. It’s a very personal album , in which each song represents a bit of me and a specific moment in my life, and it scares me a little because I feel like I’m opening my heart to the world and exposing myself in a position that I don’t don’t know how positive it will be,” he said.

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