This May 4, within the framework of the crisis that Colombia is experiencing due to the demonstrations, the group of hackers Anonymous announced that it intervened the National Army page, leaving it without access and publishing a list with emails and passwords of its members. Also, they changed a part of their description in the Wikipedia web library:

“Function: Massacres anyone who opposes the dictatorial regime of the genocidal Álvaro Uribe Vélez.”

In the last hours, the hackers attacked again and reported through their Twitter profile that they took down the website of the Senate of the Republic and made another modification in Wikipedia calling the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, genocidal.

After that, the group announced that they also left the page of the Presidency of the Republic without access and invited users with knowledge of DDoS technology (distributed denial of service) to join the action.


It should be clarified that a DDoS attack is known as the disabling of a server, a service or an infrastructure, in two ways: leaving the server without access due to bandwidth saturation or preventing the machines from responding to legitimate traffic due to exhaustion of system resources.

The first hack that the group did this Tuesday, when the disabling of the National Army page was also attributed, had a plus and it was that Through the Twitter account Anonymous Colombia, they shared a list of 168 different accounts of members of the Armed Forces with their respective email addresses and passwords.

Likewise, they assured that, “they will sabotage any trend that is not relevant or that tries to divert attention from the systematic violation of human rights that is taking place today in Colombia.” this in relation to different trends that have been generated these days on Twitter in support of former President Álvaro Uribe.


The collective also published a conversation in which the Army General, Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, is heard on May 2 in Cali, assuring that they had received the order of the president to militarize the city and to take action in the matter in front of the marchers.

Audio revealed by Anonymous of General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, on May 2 in Cali.

According to Noticias Caracol, the authorities have reported 780 cyber attacks In recent days, they come from different parts of the world and that is why the Army page is out of service. The newscast also indicated that the messages where credit card numbers of senior Army commanders were also published have already been blocked by the social network Twitter.

Colombia completes this May 4 its seventh day of protests unleashed by the disagreement with the tax reform, which was withdrawn by the national government last Sunday, May 2. Despite this, the dissatisfaction of Colombians continues in the face of abuses by the public force in recent days, and other demands from different economic and social sectors.

In the last hours, President Iván Duque announced that he will create a table with representatives of different political, social and economic sectors to reach an agreement.

“I want to announce that we will install a space to listen to citizens and build solutions, oriented to these purposes, in which ideological differences should not mediate but our deepest patriotism. In this space, it is vital to have all the institutions, political parties, the private sector, governors, mayors and leaders of civil society, motivated by service to the citizenry, ”said the president.

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