Angie Jibaja traveled to Chile to apologize to her mother: “I behaved very badly with her.” | instagram

Angie Jibaja He decides to leave Peru in order to be closer to his mother. The popular “Tattooed Girl” he would have thought of his mother after being given a two-year suspended prison sentence for the crime of defamation of the former TV host Carlos Cacho.

Via her Instagram account, the former model told her followers that she was in Chile, the country where her mother has lived for several years. She came to this place for the purpose of reconciling with her mother, Mrs. Maggie Lisa.

Also, in the video he recorded, Angie Jibaja she admitted that she had behaved very badly with her relative, which she is now very sorry about; however, it is never too late to claim.

“I’m happy because I’m here with my mum. Well, you know that at one point I behaved very badly with my mother. This is something I will never do again in my life. I am very sorry because there is only one mother and that is my mother, who is always with me in each of them, against all odds, but even more in bad times”, a- he declared.

In this sense, he did not hesitate to comment on the great love he has for his mother and that he traveled to the country located in the south of Peru to start a business idea with his mother, ensuring that very soon they will give news of the things that they will sell.

“So mommy I love you…I’m happy. Sending you lots of kisses from Chile…Soon I’ll tell you what I’ll be selling with my mommy,” the popular added. “Tattooed Girl” before saying goodbye to his audience.

In addition, in the description of this video, he did not hesitate to thank his mother once again. “Thank you mom, I love you with all my heart. There’s no better place I can be than with my mom,” he said.

Recall that recently the ex-model was involved in a scandal of violence, where the police had to go to the apartment where she lived to provide her with protection, because according to her statements, she was abused by the owner of the house in the who lived.

An examination of the life of Angie Jibaja.  (instagram)
An examination of the life of Angie Jibaja. (instagram)

Angie Jibaja She assured in 2019 that Carlos Cacho was the person who had launched her into the world of drugs when she was 16 years old. The makeup artist would not sit idly by and immediately sue her for defamation, which would have given the winner of this lawsuit.

Catherine Cachaythe stylist’s lawyer, said the exmdelo was sentenced to two years in prison, conditionally suspended for a probationary period of one year under certain rules of conduct.

There “Tattooed Girl” You must also pay a fine of 120 days, which is equivalent to 1,025 soles, which will be paid for the benefit of the State. On the other hand, he points out that he must pay the make-up artist 10,000 soles under the concept of civil reparation.

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