Andy Rivera has opened up on social media with a moving message and followers are specifying it to be Lina Tejeiro. Photo: Instagram @linatejeiro and @andyrivera

Andy Rivera He is one of the singers of the urban genre that generates the most interactions on his social networks, since each publication he makes is a new hope for his followers who still dream of seeing him with Lina Tejeiro. The artist’s relationship ended in 2018 after four years of dating and in 2022 it was speculated that they tried to get another chance due to a comment from the actress.

Via his Twitter account, the interpreter of they painted you little birds there Fuego shared a deep reflection in which he expressed his deepest feelings about second chances. It made those who still dream of seeing him next to weaver They assumed he was sending a clue to the llanera.

“I am patient before leaving, I am one of those who understands second chances, I like attempts, but I also understand that forced things have no taste and that if I leave it’s not to come back“, he wrote on this social network in which he has thousands of followers.

But the post raised more expectations with the last sentence in which the singer said that “I have already tried everything”so I’d step aside and let things take their course: “…I’m leaving it’s never to return”concluded the son of Jhonny Rivera.

Andy Rivera has shared an emotional post and social media has gone wild speculating it's a clue to Lina Tejeiro.  @AndyRivera_/Twitter
Andy Rivera has shared an emotional post and social media has gone wild speculating it’s a clue to Lina Tejeiro. @AndyRivera_/Twitter

The post has already reached 162,000 reactions, as well as 3,500 like and nearly 1,090 retweets, among many other comments from Internet users, among which stand out: “When she gave it all you gave nothing, even she believed again and again you care more what they say, and she left a while ago, it’s just that I lets find his happiness”; “It’s brave to try, it’s brave to fight, but it’s also brave to know when to stop, to know when to say NO”; “the two left not to return, until they met by chance”among others.

Actually, the actriz llanera está aparentemente soltera y, desde sus redes sociales, ha dado muestra de que no tiene reparo alguno en hablar sobre esta faceta de su vida, ya sea sobre sus romances, su tiempo de soltera o lo que le gustaría encontrar en a man. So on Monday, January 9, he shared on his Twitter profile what apparently caught his attention the most, from someone.

“A funny, caring man who smells good, takes care of himself, has clean shoes and knows how to dance”; It was shared by the llanera, in addition to putting an emoticon crossing her fingers, as a sign that she hopes to find it one day.

Seeing the replies to her tweet, several users agreed with what was said, but there were also those who brought up Rivera: “And that it is Andy Rivera, important”; in addition to those who -apparently- are already tired of seeing this type of content on social networks: “This kind of trilling has become “fashionable”, with emoticons of exhaustion.

Lina Tejeiro reveals what she hopes to find in a man.  Photo: Twitter
Lina Tejeiro reveals what she hopes to find in a man. Photo: Twitter

The latter may be linked to a recent controversy involving Maria Fernanda Rojas, 23 years old, who shared on her social networks a series of requirements that the person who dates her must respect, which caused a lot of controversy:

“He must be professional, technicians or technologists are of no use to me… He must speak or understand a second language, have at least a vehicle… Whether he already owns a property or pays the funds from his apartment… He must have a passport and a visa, at least a visa for the United States”is part of the minimum that Rojas expects from someone.

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