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Andrea San Martín gave a revealing interview to Samuel Suárez, the creator of Instarandule. During the conversation, the green-eyed model explained why she has blocked a large number of people on her Instagram account, including many detractors and even followers of her content. She also provided reasons for not giving interviews to certain TV programs.

Andrea San Martín explained why she recorded herself kissing a member of the production of “Esto es Guerra.”

The model broke her silence regarding expressions of affection with Francesco Méndez and ruled out any reconciliation with Sebastián Lizarzaburu.

It all started when the journalist informed Andrea San Martín that many “ratujas” (detractors) claimed to be blocked by her. “They ask me to unblock them because you block everyone. You might end up losing followers,” he said with a laugh.

“I don’t buy followers. I’m not aiming to have four or five million followers. Mine are organic. If you insult me, I block you because why should I argue? Why should I accept being insulted? I don’t accept that. No one in their right mind accepts being insulted,” she emphasized.

Andrea San Martín gave an interview to ‘Instarándula.’

“Once someone insults me, respect is lost. Additionally, I avoid stress. If they are stressed watching me, they can relax and follow other personalities who don’t bother or annoy them. Those who get angry, it’s their problem, not mine,” added the former model.

Sebastián Lizarzaburu talks about Andrea San Martín’s kiss with a member of the production of ‘Esto es Guerra.’

The model was asked about the kiss between her ex-partner and the mother of her daughter with a young dancer.

Furthermore, Andrea San Martín made it clear that she accepts opinions and even criticism from her fans as long as it remains respectful.

The ex-partner of Sebastien Lizarzaburu stated that, following the same philosophy she applies to her detractors, she refuses to give interviews to certain TV programs when the hosts have disrespected her with negative comments.

Tilsa Lozano slams Andrea San Martín for recording herself during a kissing session: “It seems pointless to me.”

Tilsa Lozano criticized Andrea San Martín for recording herself kissing Francesco Méndez Passoni, a member of the production of ‘Esto es Guerra.’

“I have worked in this environment for 80,000 years. The only people I’ve said no to, no matter how much money they offer me to talk, are the ones who have crossed boundaries and disrespected me. Their opinion is based on hearsay, but only I know the reality,” she said.

On another note, San Martín said that when she agrees to give a TV interview, she always gives the same caveat: “As long as there is respect, nothing will go wrong. I won’t get upset or offended.”

“When they start criticizing me, when everything I do is deemed wrong… Nobody acknowledges my efforts and the things I do because they want to say negative things about me just because they suddenly don’t like me. When that happens, excuse me, but not for all the money in the world. They prevent me from repeating ‘how much do you want?’ but I won’t sell myself,” she condemned.

Andrea San Martín has over a million followers on her Instagram account.

In the same interview with Instarandule, the green-eyed model denied reconciling with the father of her first daughter, “rock man.” She also stated that she would continue dating Francesco Mendez Passoni.

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