An Arab with Israeli citizenship died last night after being shot by an Israeli resident during protests in Jerusalem that spread through the Arab towns of Israel.

The Police confirmed the death and arrest today of a Jewish Israeli involved in the shooting that, according to the Haaretz website, is investigating whether it occurred when protesters attacked Israeli homes with stones.

The tense day that occupied East Jerusalem lived through yesterday morning spread through the West Bank and Palestinian communities in Israel, after the Gaza militias began the uninterrupted firing of rockets, which continues with the Israeli retaliatory bombings.

More than 40 protesters were arrested, according to the Police, in the violent protests that broke out in Lod, where the Palestinian was killed, Haifa, Uhm al Fahem and Nazareth, among other towns with an Arab majority.

The minority of Israel, more than 20% with a strong Palestinian identity, is made up of the natives and descendants who remained within the borders of Israel, after its creation in 1948.

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