An army soldier Colombian He died and two others were injured after an attack with explosives on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, carried out by dissident rebels from the peace pact that disarmed the FARC guerrilla, the government reported this Sunday.

The deceased, identified as Ferney Darío Santana Castellanos, “was carrying out military operations in the municipality of Tame, Arauca,” located about 60 kilometers from Venezuela, the Army specified in a Twitter message from its official account.

The event was attributed to factions that departed from the peace pact signed in 2016 with what was the most powerful guerrilla in America.

“Their explosives took the soldier’s life,” said Defense Minister Diego Molano in a Twitter message, without specifying the date on which the attack occurred. attack.

The Colombian government has repeatedly accused the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, of sheltering dissidents from the FARC in their country, from where they plan attacks against the Colombian public force.

Caracas denies these accusations.

In the last month, at least a dozen Colombian police and soldiers have died in attacks of the dissent of the FARC, which do not have a unified command and number about 2,500 militants, according to intelligence military.

Although the bulk of the combatants of that Marxist organization demobilized – about 7,000 women and men -, the dissidents keep violence active in various regions.

Rebels from the ELN (the last recognized guerrilla in Colombia) and armed groups of paramilitary origin are fighting with the dissent the income from extortion, illegal mining and drug trafficking, in the country that produces the most cocaine in the world.

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