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Given the impact of inflation on the cost of food, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) will seek to promote a plan anti-inflationary with various countries Latin America and the Caribbean.

This was announced on March 2 during his morning conference, during which he announced that he had already communicated with various leaders in the region to reach an agreement.

“We are going to make a anti-inflationary plan mutual aid for growth, for economic trade, with the countries of Latin America. Yesterday for this purpose I spoke with the president (Inácio) Lula da Silva (Brazil), also with the president (Gustav) Petro (Colombia), with President Díaz Canel of Cuba and with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez“, he commented.

In this sense, López Obrador added that he would soon call the president of Honduras, Xiomara Castrowhile his Argentinian counterpart promised to contact the leaders of Chile (Gabriel Boric) y Bolivia (Luis Arce).

It is expected that on April 5 all Heads of State will hold a virtual meeting to present the project that will aim to deal with the shortage in common.

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