By assuring that “it is not a threat or even a warning”, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated that any United States politician regardless of whether they are from the Democratic or Republican Party who mistreats Mexicans, will be pointed out in his morning conference as opportunistic, racist and discriminatory politicians.

At a morning press conference, the head of the federal Executive pointed out that around 40 million Mexicans who are mistreated live in the American Union while there are only 4 million migrants from Cuba, but there are politicians of Cuban origin who have a “tremendous influence” and exert strong pressure.

Without giving names, López Obrador accused that these Cuban politicians are the ones who maintain the economic blockade on the island, without caring that their country of origin or their parents suffer because “they see it as a political, electoral matter”.

“It’s a bit of what some Texan politicians want to do or what they are already doing against Mexican migrants. Not a threat, not even a warning but we already told you that whoever mistreats Mexicans, whatever the party, here in the morning will be marked as an opportunist, racist, discriminating politician, not even a politician, a politician,” the President asserted.

“But it is part of the same thing, but our Cuban brothers, I repeat, they are 4 million and we are 40 million, and why the mistreatment of Mexicans?” López Obrador questioned.

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