AMLO rejects that the US has imposed on him to invest on the border

AMLO rejects that the US has imposed on him to invest on the border

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador rejected that in his meeting with his counterpart from the United States, Joe Biden, Mexico had been forced to invest 1.5 billion dollars in border infrastructure, as he assured that your government has been implementing a customs modernization program for some timefrom Tijuana, Baja California to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. In press conference “morning”López Obradr pointed out that this program seeks to improve customs and provide a better service.

“We dealt with other issues: the modernization of customs in the border area. We have a customs program that has begun in Baja California, in Sonora, in Coahuila, in Tamaulipas. And indeed, yesterday’s statement spoke of an investment on our part of 1.5 billion dollars”.

“Some experts said that they imposed this plan on us when we had been planning and applying it for some time. What does it consist of? Well, to improve customs, to have a better service”said. At the National Palace, the federal president explained that this customs modernization plan includes improving traffic in Tijuana with a second floor in the border area, and that it has an investment of 10 billion pesos.

In the Treasury room, President López Obrador pointed out that in the case of the border in Sonora, the aim is to improve the customs of San Luis Río Colorado and Nogales. He stressed that in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, it will be the headquarters of the National Customs Agency and where there will be a military station.

“In the case of Sonora, it is to improve the customs of San Luis Río Colorado; to solve the problem of the passage of the train, which has been a problem for many years, since the train existed since the 19th century, which left the city, I mean Nogales and what we want is to make a clearance and another customs to clear the city, we are already working on the projects.”

“The customs of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, is expanded, and the new customs is built in Nuevo Laredo, including the office for the Customs Directorate that is going to be transferred to Nuevo Laredo, and the same is going to have a military station, also at other border crossings in Tamaulipas”.

“So that’s what the $1.5 billion means,” he said.

President López Obrador affirmed that the United States is also doing the same by modernizing its customs.

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