AMLO reiterates his position on defending the lives of criminals: “They are human beings”

AMLO reiterates his position on defending the lives of criminals: “They are human beings”

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)reaffirmed this Monday that it was not “a slip” when last week he said that the lives of criminals must be protected: “No, I think so!” he asserted.

In a morning press conference, the head of the federal Executive assured that human beings are not evil by nature but it is the circumstances that lead people to take antisocial attitudes.

“Now that I said that everyone’s life should be protected, because the most important thing is life, they even said that it was a slip, No, I think so! Nothing more than two different positions, those who want to resolve everything with violence: It’s the Kill them hot!, Kill them in green firewood in the Zócalo “.

“And those of us who think that peace is the fruit of justice and that human beings are not evil by nature, that it is the circumstances that lead some to take antisocial attitudes, but they are different ways of thinking,” he said.

Last week, AMLO said: “We take care of the elements of the Armed Forces, Defense, the National Guard (GN), but we also take care of the members of the gangs, they are human beings”, said.

That affirmation was made in the National Palace after a video went viral where an armed group is observed persecuting and expelling from the municipality of Múgica, Michoacan to a caravan of personnel from the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) something that AMLO described as “a responsible attitude.”

He assured that the persecution of presumed criminals is because they wanted the military not to enter a place where drug laboratories were found.

“Yesterday a video circulated on social networks in which some alleged criminals are behind some Army vans, following them. So that was used to say ‘What country do we live in?’ even famous people, of course from the Conservative Party, talking about how there was no authority, how the Army was humiliated in this way.”

“Yesterday many celebrated that the world was upside down, because for me it was a responsible attitude, what happened next? That is what we are going to report, because they were behind them, following them, because they did not want it to be known, that they enter a site where we found laboratories immediately afterwards, ”he said.

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