Members of Congress travel to Bahrain amid an emergency caused by Cyclone Yau (Andean)

The intense rains that the Cyclone Yaku in the Peru was no obstacle for the last four months of March 10 members of congress traveling to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf with per diems that exceed $62,000.

It is parliamentarians María del Carmen Alva (Popular Action), Ernesto Bustamante (Popular Force), Wilson Soto (Popular Action) and Alex Paredes (Teachers’ Bloc), who attended the 146th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union as guests.

For each, US$4,080 has been allocated for travel costs, which equates to approximately $15,504. To these amounts are added the costs of Congress buy plane tickets for each parliamentarian. These amounts are unknown, because, according to the newspaper La República, the General Directorate for the Administration of Parliament did not provide them with the information before the closing of its publication.

But when were these members of Congress allowed to travel? On February 2, the date on which the Congress rejected the advancement of the elections for the third time, the board of directors, led by José Williams, approved that the four parliamentarians travel to Bahrain between March 10 and 15.

A similar situation occurred on May 2, 2022. At that time, the board of directors It was chaired by María del Carmen Alva, who authorized it, along with Alex Paredes, Rosangella Barbarán, Wilson Soto and Ernesto Bustamante, to participate in the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

To date, during the new management of the Congress, the Fujimorista Juan Carlos Lizarzaburu, who represents Peruvians abroad, is the one who has spent the most per diems and tickets to travel to other countries. In total, he spent S/144,583.67. He is followed by María del Carmen Alva, who to date has spent S/83,500.50; and Ernesto Bustamante, with expenses equivalent to S/74,014.60. Finally, Alex Paredes and Wilson Soto also appear as those who spent the most to travel with respectively S/71,618.31 and S/44,449.61.

None of them parliamentarians responded to calls from the aforementioned media. But in the next few days, they will have to present a report to the Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Alva, to explain what they obtained during the trip to Bahrain.

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